profile wheelset

from what i heard, doesnt carry profile wheelsets anymore, is this true?
24/26" profile/gazz/dx32 (i ordered and recieved 1 a month ago
24" profile/gazz/sun
20" profile/monty/dx32
20" profile/monty/monty
20" profile/monty/arrow racing

in other words, no. it’s not true

yes, i know its on there. and im talking about the trials wheelset. the bike builder thats building my trials uni says they dont carry the trials profile arrow racing wheelset. can someone tell me?

isnt it the last link?

maybe its just the rim they dont carry anymore, ive never seen a pic of anybody with an arrow racing rim???

me and jess got the last two from biotch!

haha sweety

Im not convinced that the arrow racing rim is the most popular, and the way they sell dx32’s Im sure it’s not terribly profitable to fill up stock with what doesnt sell.

well the wheelset that im getting now is the kh, which is alright i guess, is there any deffects?

their heavy