Profile wheel in KH24 Production frame (Taiwan)

I’ve been using a Profile wheelset in my KH24 production (Taiwan) model frame and it’s working out great. I used the 1 5/8" Profile bearing. The shimming process that is neccessary to make things fit properly is nothing revolutionary, but I thought I’d post some photos of the process for those that are curious about how it’s done.
Here’s the link:

I used brass shim stock given to me by a machinist friend of mine. I didn’t get the thickness of the stock but it is very thin, a soda can should work. is supposed to be making shims avaialable for this but until then, this has worked out perfectly. I’ve been banging it around my local trails with no problems whatsoever.


I used a 4" grinder and took down the outside edge of the bearing holders on the KH, maybe an 1/8th of an inch.The profile wheelset dropped right in ,nice, no clumsy shims.Works perfect .
I touched it up with some black piant ,looks factory.

what I want to know is how grinding can be used instead of shims, those would be oppasite processes, and thus seems like you might be talking about slightly different problems with the frame?


I ground down a slight bit of the bearing holders on the outside edge because the profile crank arms were hitting them it just enough to not fit , five minutes of grinding and the profile hub bolted right in tight .I took very little off you can’t tell I ground it .
I feel alot better riding the profile wheelset ,the KH crank arms are too straight,I can’t expain it but the profile cranks just feel way better .

ohhh, that makes sense…

You should be able to get the Profile hub to fit without griding the frame by using additional spacer washers to position the cranks further outward so the crank clears the frame.

I was talking to John Drummond today and he said that they are working on getting the spacers to make this work, as well.


  I really can't imagine why you would have had to grind anything. My profile wheel also "dropped right in" to the frame but the bearings on the profile are a smaller diameter than the KH bearings. The cranks did not even come close to hitting the frame. I did not need to grind off the spider mount on the right side crank either. Everything fits without altering anything whatsoever. All you need to do is slip a shim a few thousanths of an inch in thickness into the bearing holder to make up for the small difference in the size from 1 5/8" to 42mm. What size bearings are you using?

No offense intended here but personally, I'd rather spend a minute or two setting up a few "clumsy shims" than take a grinder to my frame. How often do you have to take your wheel off once it's set up anyway?

Even with grinding your frame, without a shim of some sort you cannot have full contact with the holders throughout entire circumference and width of the bearing.
While you say it works fine, can you try to explain again why you found it neccessary to go to this extreme?


 I made mention of that in the first post, but John told me about that in January. I know these things take time and when they come in I'll get them but I didn't want to wait any longer  :D

Frank, Works great ,looks fine???

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KH & Nimbus II


Can someone please tell me if the KH bearings fit the Nimbus II (or YUni) frame correctly?!


Re: KH & Nimbus II

Yes, they do… :slight_smile:


oh yer! Sorry Phil, I fogot that you had one… well, before the guy in the bike shop ran off with it! LOL :angry:


  If your Profile axle is set up with the 1 5/8" bearings and the correct amount of spacers I don't understand why grinding was neccessary. I simply asked if you cared to elaborate a bit more. Guess not.
You seem to be going elsewhere so, this is where I'll get off.

Perhaps he was using the largish flying saucer shaped spacers. Those spacers are bulky and will very likely rub on the frame. It’s much better to get extra washer spacers and avoid using the flying saucer spacers. If one must use the flying saucer spacers then it’s better to grind down the spacer than the frame.

Every time I order Profile cranks I ask for extra washer spacers so I can avoid using the flying saucer shaped spacers.

dont let the bastards grind ya down.


   You aren,t reading my posts,I told you I took off minut amount of material ,I don't want to use shims.I can't see there being any problems.

kh probably made sure the profile wouldn’t fit his frame so you’d be stuck using his stuff ,hey ,I’d do it to load up whilst in my glory. I’m just fixing it .

you know you could probably shave a ton more off the inside of bearing holder,at least 1/4" if your worried about the weight of the kh.

No, he’s using a 42mm OD bearing so he can use a slightly larger diameter axle. The KH bearings have a 42mm OD and 20mm ID. The Profile bearings have a 0.75" (19.05mm) ID. The bearing size on the KH is more standard and may better allow for using future splined hub designs. Standardizing on metric dimensions makes things easier and more likely to be compatible with future developments in hubs.

Why the resistance to using a shim in the bearing holder? You want the bearing to be snug so it doesn’t rock or move. If you don’t use a shim I would expect you to notice the bearing rocking inside the bearing holder when you climb hard. A simple soda can shim fixes the problem.

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i think i figured it out,keaner was not grinding the sides of the bearing holders.he was grinding the flats of grinding the flat parts where the bolts go he made it so they closed in on the bearings more,thus making shims unessasary to use shims…