profile warrenty

I recently purchased a profile setup for my yuni and i am wondering how exactly the warrenty works. I know it is the best but i don’t know the spefics. help would be appreciated

If it’s anything like other warranties, don’t rely on getting a new one replaced. However, from what I gather, you shouldn’t worry too much about breaking the profile setup. I’m also about to get the Yuni 20" Trials with the profile setup. What do you think of the rest of the unicycle (Yuni frame, etc.)?

yuni frame

i got the frame because of it’s price and some of the comments about it. i had a cheap lolipop style and broke it, beefed it up, and then rode it and decided that it was dragging down my unicycle as a whole. i got the uni frame because it was a 20 and decided that it would go good with my 20 inch wheel. anyways the yuni frame is amazing. light solid and apparently well made. i had tried one foot idling on my old frame which is a different style and couldn’t do it. with the yuni frame i did it my third or fourth try. i have never used a frame like it before but i can say i love it. my foot falls right on the footrest like it is supposed to be there. it seems to be perfectly square also. so don’t be afraid of getting it because of what some people say about it not being square. the only way to find out is to get one yourself. and i personally recomed them

Ok, thanks.