profile warranty information?

Hey there everyone,
after some recent hard riding i noticed that one of my profile cranks is bent quite considerably. Just along from the axle on the left cranks top side there is a small crack, and small fold on the bottom side (seems to be a stretch/ fold scenario). The powdercoated paint around this has peeled away from this crack/ fold. I was just wondering what damage had to be sustained to claim the cranks life time warranty? At the moment they are still rideable so i’m not that concerned. I don’t want to be left with no unicycle to ride for a period of time only to get the crank back from profile saying it is not broken enough! Any help would be greatly appreciated,

I do believe that would qualify.

That should qualify. Consider buying a spare set of cranks to use while you wait for the return.

U-Turn- i think i would preffer to part with a working muni for a few weeks then have to fork out $500 or so dollars for another set of cranks to fit the hub- unless there is a cheaper option i don’t know about? Untill it starts to hamper my riding i think i’ll just leave it be,

I don’t know what the Ozzie price is, but is only $100. Remember you don’t have to buy the entire hub; just the cranks.

you could just buy one crank arm that isn’t to much

most bmx online shops sell them in singles the hard part is find them in the right size since most common bmx sizes are 175mm or 180mm. but if you can find one it will save you 50 bucks and a long time waiting on the turn around from profile. What did you do you bend your crank anyways?

Tyler Heartless- i think i did most of the damage to the crank doing a rolling hop off a 7 or so foot high ledge onto gently sloping dirt/scrappy grass. Just looking at a complete profile hub/ crankset is about $650 AUS- don’t think they would sell an individual crank, and i’m too poor to buy a pair of them. I might send the crank off to get replaced when i have my end of year exams- and little time to ride anyway. Then when i finnish school for good i’ll have a new crank to ruin!
Does anyone have an idea as to the turn around time to get a crank replaced?

Well if that doesn’t qualify then just ride hard and bust it even more.

sounds cool I’d like to see a clip of that :slight_smile: I was just trying to help ya out noone should go uni-less :astonished:

Better yet. Call profile and get a good idea that it’s going to be replaced and the turn around time.

a guy I know has a trials uni with a profile hub/crankset. but this guy never rides anymore…so my friend wants to buy the trials uni from him. if Leighton buys the uni from him, will Leighton still get the lifetime warranty? does he need to make sure to get the receipt too?

if you only bought one crank arm, and it was say a right crank arm, then you bent your left one…wouldn’t work too good.

when you buy them in singles you can specify which side you want. I’ve have had to do this before with my bmx because the threads like ripped out on the pedal and profile doesn’t cover that in their warranty. I guess I could of had it repaired with a helicoil thing but oh well.

The warranty is not transferable. You have to be the original owner.