Profile Vs. KH?

Hey guys, me and 2 of my friends are gearin’ up for a road trip to the moab muni fest this year, and I’ve been saving for a really good uni that will stand up to the abuse that will undoubtedly occur at moab. So, here’s my question:

I’m considering buying the Yuni 24 inch profile muni, but, I’ve heard that KH cranks are just as good? Is this true?

so, A) Which will be stronger KH, or Profile and
B) Do KH cranks/hubs have a lifetime warranty like profiles do? Please let me know, THANKS!

  • Ross

(back from the internet dead after prolonged hiatus)

hello. hmm… no, the KHs dont come with lifetime warrenty. i havent heard of anyone bending KHs until this weekend when i was informed by several rides at TOque that mine are incredibly bent and they dont understand how i can ride with them. but yeah. they both have advantages and disadvantages. im only talking about the shorter ones for trials unis however as i know nothing about munis. but yeah, im gonna say profiles are definitely stronger, but also more expensive. so you basically hav to decide which is more important.


Yeah, my KH cranks are really bent also, and the right one is twisted a little also. Everyone tells me that they are really bent but I cannot tell. So far I don’t think there have been any broken KH cranks or hubs. It seems like it takes quite a bit of working to get the profiles set up just right, where the KHs dont. But I do not know about the strength differences.


The KH hub spindle has been bent (rotated) by Zach Baldwin on his muni, and he also cracked and bent his KH trials cranks at the Santa Cruz jetty, when he missed a gap and his uni fell 10’ and landed directly on the pedal. The wheel no longer turns a full rotation… Get the nimbus muni and a profile hub/crankset. I’m pretty sure that’s cheaper.

I would have to agree, in saying that, the profiles are stronger. I have been riding profile hub and cranks on my trials unicycle for about 2 years now, and i’ve bent 7 cranks now (i think). They usually last around a month or two, before becoming unrideable. The KH cranks, which I was able to ride for a brief period of time, bent on the first ride I took them on, off a 7’ drop, seat-out. This was faster than i thought. However, My MUni hub and cranks (also profile) have yet to bend. I think the forces attributed to hard Trials will finish off either crank (that’s where the lifetime warrenty is nice), but that for MUni, either will do fine, as long as you keep your drops to flat under 6’.

Hope that helps,