Profile vs KH

Can anyone give me an intelligent answer on the difference between the KH hub and crankset VS the Profile one



the profile is stronger and more expensive. that’s what it all boils down to, no matter how you say it. there’s also the greater selection of crank lengths to choose from for the profile

I have a trials uni with KH’s and a muni with Profiles…

The Profile hub and crankset is 48-spline and the KH is 8-spline. From what I gather more splines indicate more strength to a certain extent but you shouldn’t really rule something out just because it’s got less splines. I know from personal experience that the Profiles are a tighter fit. I’ve only done about 4’ drops on my trials uni with KH’s as I’ve only had it for a month but I haven’t really experienced any major problems. I’ve only done around 5-6’ drops (or drop) on my muni with Profiles but I’ve been riding it a lot for about 8 months or so.

The Q-Factor
The KH cranks have a very low Q-factor, or none at all…I don’t know if it just refers to the angle of the cranks. Either way, this means that your feet are placed closer to the hub. I personally like having my feet closer in for trials at least and mind the occasional hitting of the ankles on the little knobly bits. The Profiles are angled out a little more and don’t have the knobs to hit your ankles on.

The Profiles are absolutely beautiful. The KH’s are nice but in my opinion don’t compare in appearance.

Flange Separation
The distance between flanges is greater for the Profiles (I tink so anyway). I guess this might make the entire wheel a little stronger but I don’t know how much difference it really makes.

The Profiles are much more expensive. I chose to go with the Profiles on my muni because when I got it it was either Profiles or a plain old square-tapered hub and crankset. I spent ages saving up to pay for my Profile-equipped muni but I don’t regret it at all. I think even if I had the choice between the Profiles and KH’s I would’ve gone with the Profiles but that’s just me…I love my Profiles. Still, the KH’s are a lot cheaper and I haven’t heard of anyone breaking them even when some people are doing massive drops on them.

Generally, I’d say unless you really really love the Profiles, go for the KH’s. They are really nice and strong.


Here you go…

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Thanks alot andrew, great statement