Profile Vid


Finally finished my profile vid for team H

Just a short one showing some of what i can do,



(sorry about the quality, had to compress majorly for you tube, will upload a high quality version to the gallery sometime)

intesting music choice

Nice video and skills! My only complaint is that your cameraman shot 90% (or more) of you from your waste down! I would at least want people to know it was me riding, so I would want to frame the shots better. Some closeups like that are fine, but not all or most.:slight_smile:


I’ll keep the camera frame in mind for my next cheers.
Yea i wanted something a bit different for the music, a bit more chilled out than i usually use.

Thanks Amanda!!!


Sweet! :sunglasses:

Normally that’s a major gripe of mine as well, but strangely I didn’t realize this untill you mentioned it. I think that the music and editing style just matched w/ those shots well.