Profile Trials Wheelset w Monty tire $165 obo.

I have a Profile Trials Wheelset that I am selling. I have had it for about 7 years and it sat in my garage for most of that time. I really rode it very little. It’s in very good shape. Only a few scratches on the cranks. I am the second owner. Neither one of us rode it hard.

It has a Monty rim on it and a white stripe Monty tire that is half worn. There is one bent spoke where the previous owner had caught the wheel on something and it bent the spoke near the hub flange. There is NO damage to the flange. There is a just barely a blip in the rim when you rotate it, since the bent spoke pulls only very slightly. It was never an issue for me when I rode it on skinnies. Pictures show the wheelset and the bent spoke. Link to view pix of the wheelset are here.

Crank size is 145 mm.

I am asking $165 obo. It’s already packed in a box. Shipping to anywhere in the United states is about $21 using USPS. For 4 bucks more, you can pay for insurance. I am in the Los Angeles area. If you live closer than the East Coast, then shipping would be less. The above qoute was to New York just for an estimate. Shipping is not included in the sales price. Buyer pays shipping.

PM for questions or post here.


Price drop $145 or best offer.

Still have it?

Yes, it’s still available.

PM me.


Rod Wylie

I have dropped the price down to $125 obo. For $130 i will throw in a frame with seat post clamp, seat post, pedals, and a first generation KH seat. One bolt is sheared on the seat base. Frame is a blue modified mtb fork which was modified professionally. I bought the entire set up used for $400 7 years ago when I got into unicycling. I probably rode it less than 20 tiimes and then it sat in my garage.

Got any pics of the frame? Is that $130 for the complete setup or $125 plus $130? Also, what’s the bearing size?


It’s $130 for the entire set up. That’s with a firm price only. Pedals are Snafus. They are used, but the pins are still grippy. I have to double check on the bearing size. It’s the size we always used up until the KH frames came along and then KH changed the bearing size. I will confirm after some research and post a pic of the frame later.


The bearings are 40mm. I have included images of the frame in the same album with the wheelset.

Price is now $130 or best offer for the entire trials uni. The broken bolt on the seat is one of the rear bolts, not the front ones as stated in an earlier post in this thread. Otherwise everything is the same.

The trials uni is in great shape.

Goes on Ebay next week.

I’m assuming the hub is square-taper, correct?

No, it’s a Profile 48 spline hub/cranks. These things are nearly indestructible.

I’ll take it. $130+Shipping. PM with payment details sent.

You got an incredible deal! Enjoy!


This item has been sold.

Just noticed that the original sale post was September 9th of 2010. Deal finalized on August 12th, 2011. 11 months later! I know there are probably unicycles here that took longer to sell but, that’s still a pretty long time.

Thanks for the deal.