Profile Trials Wheelset for Sale! UK only!

Hi, I’ve decided I want to try out a Koxx wheel in time for my holiday in China, and I need to sell my Profile set.

Basically, I’ve taken the wheel apart, so heres what I will include:

1. Kris Holm 19" rim with a few scratches
2. 2x Profile black 145mm cranks, very good condition apart from scratches on left crank.
3. The Profile Unicycle hub, silver, has a few little scrapes from the spokes digging into the flange a TINY bit, nothing to worry about.
4. Bearings and spacers
5. The Profile “Bitchin’ Bolts” with crank washers.

EXTRAS I will include, to make your life easier :wink: :

  1. a spare left Profile 145mm crank silver! extremely good condition! (yes a whole spare crank!)
  2. The Profile Crank tool to aid installation and removal.
  3. The Imperial sized allen key used for the bolts.
  4. A tube of Copper Antiseize.

For all of this, I ask about £130, you will have to pay extra for postage unfortunately! I will send the items recorded, and insured, with decent protective packaging. I can only send this wheel to someone within Great Britain.

I might be able to get pictures up, depending on if the camera works anymore, no promises though :thinking:

Thanks for reading.

Price dropped to £110! Real bargain, seeing as all of the above together will cost around £400 or more brand new…

So when you say UK only, that means your won’t send it out of the UK, right?


Well, it’s just that sending it out of the UK, to like Australia, might cost a bomb.

Depends… if you really want it, then you’ll have to pay £110, as well as how ever much the postage will cost!

ahh… true dat,

thanks anyway.


BUMP, still up for sale. an absolute bargain!!!

Hi Sponge my man! I’m looking for a cheep rim to use for a BC project.

I know it’s a bit cheeky :slight_smile: but if you ever decide to take the wheelset apart I’d be interested in the Freeride rim though I need to do some more research before I can pledge a pending offer for it.

Fight the power, AndyC

you can buy a new KH freeride or alex dx 32 rim for like $35.

iits a bargains…
but the sending cost to brazil his huge