Profile To Summit, What Size Bearings Do I Need?

G’ Day,

I just recently acquired a summit frame and need new bearings so it will fit! do yall know what size I need?



I was looking at these and am wondering wich size i need if either will do? Or will neither do?

These bearing adapters will fit either of the Profile bearing sizes (40 mm or 1-5/8"). Just get the right adapter for the bearing size that you decide to use.

Well my bearings are shot, so cant i just buy new bearings so that they will fit?

There is no bearing that will work without shims that I know of. Bedford sells shims.

Not that I’m aware of. There is no standard bearing that has a 3/4" ID and 42 mm OD. There is nothing that you can order out of a bearing catalog that is that size. Best solution is to use the adapters that UDC sells.

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