profile ti. axle

has anyone thought to pursue getting a splinded titanium axle from Profile?they make one for bmx.does any one know how costly it would be to cut in a key way,if i just ordered one?

also is it a worry,i here about how ti parts like to seize to other metals.

A ti axle for the Profile hub would be cool. My guess is that it would save about 4oz in weight. The other benefit is that it won’t rust. If anyone ever manages to damage the axle on a Profile hub it is likely going to be due to rust rather than breakage.

Titanium Profile spindles at danscomp are $85 while chromoly Profile spindles are $45. The ti spindles aren’t outrageously expensive.

The problem is doing the necessary machining on the ti spindle to put it in the unicycle hub. Titanium is more difficult to machine and requires specialized equipment and tools to do the machining. The spindle on the uni hub needs to have a keyway cut and some sort of a locking pin inserted. I don’t know if Profile can do the necessary machining with titanium. If Profile can make a uni hub with the ti spindle I would spring for one. But I doubt it’s gonna happen.