Profile spacer I.D. and O.D./ CF Seatbases.

What is the exact “new” size of the spacers on a profile hub? I.D. and O.D. would be great. I’m thinking of getting some made out of steel because the aluminum deforms too easily. I believe mine were 1/8 thick but they are pretty squished by now.

Also, are CF bases as good as they sound? And are they available in the new freeride design… I’ve heard it’s a little better than the earlier KH saddles, I would like one with a little less curve in it than my current design.

I can’t answer the question about the profiles but yes CF bases are really good. There was no change to the base design in the new freeride seat therefore the old CF bases will fit it.

CF bases weigh less than the plastic base and they remove the need to use the heavy steel reinforcement plate. They are also way stronger than both the plastic and the plate so the odds of you breaking it are pretty damn slim. Ass for curve the new freeride has less curve visualy but tahts because the ends are chopped and the middle is raised a bit, so if you are sitting on it, I don’t know whether or not you would feel the curve. Best to try one out first if possible. Either way its way more comfy than a standard KH seat from previous times.

The advertised thickness of the spacers are 1/8" for the thick ones and 1/16" for the thin ones.

You can buy replacement spacers from, Bedford, or any other retailers that carry Profile. Dan’s Comp has them on their web store for 59 cents each (plus S&H). Next time you order something from UDC ask them for a few extra Profile spacers as well. That way you don’t pay S&H just for the spacers.

I keep a few extra spacers on hand so I can replace damaged ones if/when necessary.

“Ass for the curve” Is that a Freudian slip?!

Hah I totaly didn’t notice that, completely accidental, yet quite amusing. I suppose it must have been a Freudian slip.

Yeah, I know they are 1/8 in. thick, I was just wondering if anyone knows what the I.D. and O.D. are supposed to be. I want to have some made out of steel instead of buying new aluminum ones.

Well the axle diameter is listed on UDC as 3/4’’ or 19.05mm. So a little bigger than that would work for the ID. The OD can really be anything. And since you are just spacing the hub sideways, I don’t think you need to get too precise. Any looseness will be eliminated by the clamping force exerted by the crank bolt.

Edit: Oh, CF. CF will change your life. It is that good.