Profile Replacement Parts

This might be old news, but thought I’d share. I lost the “flush mount bolt” from one my Profile cranks, so called Profile to try to order a replacement. They said they’re not really doing small parts orders any longer, and refered me to “Albie’s Mail Order” to get the part.

I called Albie’s, they were very helpful, and the part’s on its way.

Albie’s: 586-264-1150

There might be other good sources, but this is the one Profile recommended.

Moral of the story: Check the tightness of your mounting bolts often (my setup was barely a month out of the box), and if you lose a bolt anyway, call Albie.

there called Profile bitchin bolts,and you can find them in stock at most shops that carry Profile stuff.they are $20 bucks down here btw.