Profile Racing 48-Spline Hub


Before any ISIS users start trying to convince me to use ISIS, I have my own very good reasons for still considering Profile a very realistic and attractive option. I would like ISIS, but Profile would be more satisfying in some ways. I love the feel of the 145mms which I’ve always used.

I’m wondering,

  1. Is anyone still using them on their unis?
  2. Did Profile actually did update/upgrade their uni hubs since their initial release? I heard whispers that at some point their axle/hubshell keyway interface was improved to prevent slop/creaking. Is this true?
  3. GDH super-hollowed axle that Profile has these days for their BMX axles? Anyone know of any uni riders running a Profile hub with the GDH axle? I’m thinking of getting one like this myself.
  4. Post some pics of your Profile build if you’re still running one!
  5. Weight in grams of the standard Profile uni hub? Rumoured to be 900+g!

I’m most concerned about question 2, if anyone knows?



I have Profile on my MUni and i love them. the only real drawback is when they break they’re expensive to replace. But they will last you about 6 years of hardcore riding. Im happy with mine. :slight_smile:

I always liked them for trials. Overall, I think I rode 4 pairs of cranks, none of which I broke, most of them just sold on.

Now I want to rebuild my uni, and Profile is the only guaranteed set that’ll work without any risk of non-compatibility with my frame.

Just wanting to hear what others respond to my questions. Very interested to know!

You still have The Ti?

Émile still has mine, so he could probably weight them.

I would also like to add a question to your list :

  1. Are we covered by their lifetime warranty ?

Mine are bent, I don’t think I would use a new set anyways, but I could maybe sell them half the price or something…


Yeah, why not? :wink:

10 years, and it’s still here.

About 1.2 kg for the hole thing (hub, cranks, bearings, crank bolts).

P.S. I did that with my scale at home, not accurate weight

EDIT: According to a pair of crank is 907g/2lbs, so I doubt the hub only weights 293g since it’s the heaviest part in a hub/crank set.

According to this:

Hub: 907g/2lbs
Cranks(2): 454g/1lbs

TOTAL: 1361g/3lbs

According to this:

Cranks are 1 pound each, but I guess they mean for the set…

I dont know why but I always wanted to ride Profile cranks… I think they look cool :sunglasses: Building an old school uni(like the one Sponge is going to built) would be awesome, like your old uni before you killed your DX32 in LIFE

Nice. It is a little on the heavy side, but hey, a set of 137mm Moments and a Cr-Mo hub weighs nearabouts the same.

If I end up getting a Profile hub again, it’ll be an upgraded one with the GDH spindle. A little lighter, but the main advantage is that I can use the bigger allen key on the new bolt size= more torque.

EDIT: I do find it amusing how every unicyclist labels Profile as ‘old tech’. In BMX, it’s origin, it’s still considered modern and arguably still the choice brand for cranks and some hubs.

Only question number 2 really needs to be resolved. It’s the most important one.

Though 1 and 4, feel free to chip in!

The new KH hub is only 606 g :wink: Also the 2010 moment cranks are no 50 to 70g lighter (depending on the size).

606+542= 1148

(Moment Cromo hub, and Moment 137s)

You can always upgrade Profiles to a titanium spindle and Mini Magnutanium cranks like Danni did, making it lighter than any Moment setup. A few measly grams doesn’t matter too much in any case. I just love the feel of 145mm Profiles.

Well, weight-wise, at least it’s now clear that there really isn’t that much of a difference between your standard crmo Profile set and standard crmo Moment set. So the Profile naysayers don’t have much of an excuse to claim ‘Profile is toooo heavy and old’.

I’ve been riding profiles on my Trials uni for the last few years and I love them. They’ve never seemed two heavy to me, and they are pretty much bomb proof in my mind, giving a level of confidence I don’t feel on more “modern” set-ups. I also like that they’re tubular and have some q-factor. Straight cranks always feel weird to me and q-factor gives a bigger surface area for crank climbs and such. Also, to hugo’s question, last I heard uni’s weren’t covered by the warrantee, as grinding the spider off voids it.

Today I slightly bent a pair on my profile/sundouble-wide wheelset with KH frame (previously owned by zack baldwin)
Other than bending after a few years of use they feels solid, but still light enough with the KH frame. The Sun/Gazz combo is great for roling hops and the tire folds over less than on the ol’ alex.
Have another set on a DX-32, Bent them a bit, but they dident twist, just bent straight down. So I moved the crank a spline or two back and it looks like nothing happend :smiley:
Having just broken my schlumph hub, the profiles feel lighter and stronger (duh :angry: ) daring for even bigger lines, plus they bend not snap(from my experience) and since ive got an extra set lying around im doubly assured!
Might put up some pics if I can get them from my buddy’s camera.

I think Profile did a modification to the hub/keyway design or build, but this was in the first 1-2 years of the product being on the market. After that, the only changes I’m aware of are colors, but I’m not an expert. My Profile hub is from 2002. I still ride it regularly (well, when I get the chance).

I can sum up my Profile crankset in three words: “Creak! Creak! Creak!” You can’t sneak up on anybody with those! They make a good bio-feedback system to help you develop even power delivery when climbing though…

That said, my Wilder has never let me down. The idea was to have a crankset I would never need to buy again, and so far so good. I did buy different cranks though, and have gone from 170 to 145 to 160 and back to 145. That’s a little short for no brakes (at least in NZ). With all those crank changes, the creak on the right side has never been stopped for more than a week or two. Next time I’ll opt for something quieter. :slight_smile:

On my first Profile hub that was handed down to me by Joe Hodges, that had horrid creak and was just plain irritating to ride. But then again, Joe totally trashed that hub and the flanges were scratched/scarred/gashed horribly.

My second Profile hub was the one that Zack Baldwin rode in Defect, that one was a sweeeet hub. No creak ever, and I loved the wheel to bits… except for the DX32 rim which just felt horrid.

Anyone care to post pics of their setup? Would be great to see some of these again, I’m a little tired of seeing just KH Moments all the time :roll_eyes: !

Old pics of Hugo’s ride his old ride: Street pictures thread. - #7 by extremtrialist

And the 3 next pictures here:Webshots - Wallpaper / Screen Savers

2 last pictures are from 2003.

EDIT: I couldn’t find a picture from Timbob1907’s brother unicycle which was a Bedford Hardcore with a KH 07 rim powder coated red. It’s one of the best looking unicycle I’ve seen.

I’m planning on getting a KH’10 rim powdercoated in red in time for the Profile wheel. This time black hub with the new super hollow GDH spindle. A first for the unicycle hub!

Reminiscent of the old red DX32 Profile set up Zack ran in Defect, man I loved that colour scheme.

Nice unis by the way!

Oldschool eh? Whatever :wink: