Profile Problem

ok, so I’m going out for a Trials ride right? About half a block of flat riding in I notice some play in the pedals. So I get off and check it, the pedals are fine. The cranks have play, but when holding the wheel I can feel movement, and none when holding both cranks and trying to move them in different directions. So it seems my hub has developed some play. Both the crank bolts are tight, as in not moveable in the tightening direction.

I remember hearing someone say they used to have that problem, but dont remember who. Also, I rememeber something about epoxy, but how would I go about Solving this problem, short of returning it for a new hub?

do you think that maybe the steel key has widened the Alluminum (sp?) hub key way?

seems like a possibility…

max, when you sort this out i want to put it in the faq,

if the keyway in the aluminium body is deforming then its not under warranty,

i beleive i’ve heard something about epoxy too but, i’ve nevr done it,
i’m not sure if you can just inject it into the keyway of if you have to take the hub/axle apart first
i’d realy like to see some design drawings of the profile hub, i don’t like having to pay hundreds of £ for a “black box”

i’ve got david pozantners email somewhere, maybe i could email him. if nobody here has any idea.

I didn’t think the hub had the lifetime warranty. I tought it was just the cranks.


the axle has a lifetime warranty too, but not the hub body.

Actually, it seems that it’s onlt the right crank, so maybe the bolt is bottoming out, and the spindle is off center again (it came that way.)

ok, yeah… It was just the spacers deforming too much. Sorry for the alarm. I might be able to get some spacers tonight, and just turning a couple of the around was enough to temperaraly solve the problem.

okay,back down to yellow alert.

Profiles Rule

I never said they didnt.