Profile on a Coker?

has anyone put a profile hub on a coker?

if so how did it work?

any pic’s of it?

What for?

so you can …

ride stairs, do drops, do muni on it, and so forth…

Why would you want to?

The Profile hub is quite narrow (flange to flange width) and would make for a weak Coker wheel even if you used an Airfoil rim. If you’re doing anything aggressive enough to need the Profile cranks you’re going to taco the wheel first before even having a chance to break the cranks or hub.

What you would need is an extra wide Profile hub. Something that is wide enough to make a strong wheel. A wheel that is strong enough to take the abuse that the hub deserves.

Narrow hubs also have problems with allowing the wheel to flex. That causes the rim to rub the brake if you happen to use a brake.

Wide hubs with the Coker size wheels are the way to go.


what are the limits of a standard coker?

A super Coker with a custom wide splined hub and a strong Airfoil rim would be an interesting unicycle. It would require a completely custom hub. It would also very likely require some custom cranks. You’d likely want the option to put short cranks on it at times and short splined cranks have not been available (short being 125 mm or so). Long splined cranks like 170’s are readily available. It could all be done but would require a lot of custom work. Steve Howard is the only person I know of who has made a Coker close to those specs. Steve Howard’s Disk Brake Coker gallery

rumur has it: Ryan Atkins has landed a 7.5’ drop on a Coker. the drop managed to destroy one of the cranks but the rim held up perfectly.

That’s not a rumor, it’s a fact. It was on U-Turn’s Strongest Coker Wheel in the World. The linked gallery has pictures of the before and after. The hub is a widened Suzue. The wheel held up because of the wide hub and because the wheel is built strong. The weak part is the square tapered hub. A Strongest Coker Wheel In The World made with a wide splined hub would be the bomb.

i can make a really really wide splined hub…

it would be my first time doin it but it will be cool

perhaps a shorter set of KOOKA cranks would have held a little better?