Profile Magnutanium length

I’ve had a sun doublewide rim sitting in my bedroom with a 3" Gazz on it for about six months. the problem is there’s nothing inside of it.

I’ve determined that’ll I’ll be using 132mm black spokes and aluminum nipples.

I’ve also determined that i’ll be using a profile hub (this determination was the driving factor in above stated determined spoke length).

I’m planning on ordering 160mm Profile crank arms, but not just any crank arms, i’m thinking about getting the stupid light “magnutanium” mini bmx arms. don’t let the name fool you, there is niether magnesium or titanium involved in the construction of these crank arms. 100% pure 4140 chromollybedenum. they are just made of thinner walls.

wondering the opinions on the crank length and lightwieght construction. i know it is very rare, although i’ve seen pictures, for anyone to break a profile crank arm, so i’m thinking i’ll try the lighter ones.

most of my muniing will be light, no “huge” drops. i’m a biketrials and unitrials rider, so i’m pretty smooth with my drops anyway. I think most of my muniing will be on fast, moderatly technical michigan trails. nothing to extreme for now.

my legs are plenty strong, i can squat like the governor of california, so leverage issues aren’t a huge concern. could i go even shorter than the 160’s?

Thanks for any input.

according to the webpage they dont have the warranty,
which is bad.
and the website dosesnt realy make it clear if the cranks will work with a regular profile race axle( like you get in the unicycle hub.)
it seems to suggest that they use their own special axle.

so i’d say no, get the regular profiles.

I’m very happy with the 145mm long Profiles I’m using. They’re just the normal ones but I really like the length. I find that I do get enough leverage and I’m not particularly strong in the legs at all.


I have both 170mm and 145mm profiles for my MUni, and like Andrew I think 145s are perfectly suited for the job (most times). 150 or 155 would also be good lengths I reckon, but 170 seems way too long for me to be comfortable. Apart from steep downhill, they feel too sluggish, and they can contribute to pedal scrapes. With the 145mm cranks you (apparently) have less control but it makes up for it by going really fast. Short cranks are surprisingly good at going up steep hills, fast. There was only one track on the NZUni weekend where I wished I had longer cranks, and maybe a brake. It was called ‘Vertigo’ and it was an awesome downhill mountainbiking track rated as difficult.

I’ve talked to profile about the axle. it’s just a titanium version of the normal chromo splined spindle. so they would be compatible.

for a while profile was offering a thinwalled crank arm for racing that had treads for a crank removal tool. that would save on alot of hammer swinging…

as for the warantee, blah blah blah… I don’t care so much about that, i just enjoy having two working legs and would hate to spend the rest of my life with a crank arm hanging out of one of them… i’ll probably stick with the standard ones.

but for the length… you guys really muni on 145mm arms? i thought that would be way short.

i still want some leverage for long climbs and decents, would 150 or 155 be a good length. i’m pretty tall with around a 33 inch inseam.

Standard ones seem good to me. Yes of course we MUni on 145mm cranks. I find the momentum and smoother circle helps on many climbs and descents. The main complaint I have about short cranks, is having to wait for friends who use 170mm cranks who constantly get left behind. I think 150mm or 155mm would be really good lengths, but might leave you wishing you could chop five millimeters off to go that little bit faster. Then again you might want to add another five or ten to get that little bit more stability and control. Crank length is an individual preference thing which you have to experiment with to find out what is best for you. It isn’t easy trying all the lengths of profile cranks at NZ$260 a pair. I have a ~33" inseam too, and I don’t consider myself to be short or tall (5’9"ish).