Profile Hub...

Hey yo all,

just wondering how many washers/spacers i meant to have on my Profile hub axle.

i have these:

thin spacers
normal spacers

i don’t have any of the ufo-shaped spacers, but i ride street so i dont need them.

so yeah, id like it if anyone can tell me how many thin/thick washers should be used and in exactly what order? Like either side of the bearing as well.


ask john foss, about profile issues.

i used 2 big washers, then bearing, then 2 big washers, then crankarm.

What kind of frame are you attaching the wheel to?

The spacers are provided to ensure the bearings meet up with the frame in just the right place… so spacer use is frame dependent.

I have a Yuni frame and I use one large spacer to the inside of the bearing, and the rest (two large, one small) to the outside of the bearing.

yo thanks all so far.

i’m using a kh07 frame if that helps.

what is the right combo for most frames? I swear all modern frames have 100mm spacing centre-to-centre between bearing housings.

is the sequence of washers more important if i want to put my profile wheel on my Miyata freestyle lollipop bearing frame?