Profile hub & crankset.

Up for grabs is my Profile hub and 145mm Profile cranks. I had intended to build up a unicycle round this hub & crank set, but I’ve lost interest in unicycling, and I pinched some of the spacers and the flush bolts to get my bmx running again. The hub is 36 hole, 48 spline spindle, bearings are smaller than the ones found on KH / K1 etc so a set of bearing shims will be needed. The bolt hole for fitting the sprocket has been ground down, otherwise it was interfering with my KH frame. Splines on the hub and cranks are fine, as are the threads in the spindle and pedal bosses. All that would be needed to get the hub & crank set running is a set of 19mm spacers, and a set of Profile crank bolts, both can be found on good bmx mail order sites.

Looking for somewhere around £80 plus £5 postage, offers welcome.

I’d be interested if shipping to the US was an option.

Please let me know.

You’ve been missed in MR.

Where abouts in the US? I should be able to get a quote on that tomorrow.

I’ve hardly been on the comp recently, either out bmxing or on the xbox, and the rare times I’ve been on the comp it’s been a complete tard and I’ve not the patience to deal with it. I was gonna pop by MR earlier, but the comp spazzed out.

Never mind, I kinda forgot about the locations being on the profile thingy, lol. I’ll get back with a quote tomorrow.

Shipping to the US is £15.39.

If the hub & crank set hasn’t not gone by the time I need to build up a unicycle, then Im building it onto a wheel and using it.

hi Fraggle

if the hub crankset is still available i’d be interessted. actualy only for the cranks because i’m lookin for some shorter one’s for my muni. but if you only sell the set I will buy both. you could make the deal with my sister who’s living in London, and she can bring it then to me when she’s coming home to visit us.
please contact me by e-mail if you are interessted (aiten at

best regards from switzerland

adrian iten