Profile Hub/ Cranks

i know that Profile dominates the bmx market in hubs and cranks, but i was wondering how their unicycle hub and crank compares to other companies.
also, if anybody has one, leave a review please.

I believe the crank/hubset which we use on unicycles is just their BMX crank/hubset, except…on a unicycle.
So, that is to say, they don’t have a unique set built specifically for unicycling.
I think.

With that said, regarding unicycle cranks, Profile is still one of the best, the KH might be stronger though. I have the Profiles and they’ve been awesome so far, haven’t broken anyway.

no, the hub is built for unicycling, the cranks are their bmx cranks.

as far as i know the spindle is the same as for a bmx, but it has a alloy hub pressed onto it. the spindle may be slightly changed to prevent the hub from spinning on the spindle…

you have to get a special axle from them that is 6-7/8" because thats the length of the unicycle axle and a bmx axle ranges imbetween 5-1/2" and 6"…
my little brother uses the profile hub/cranks and ive seen my friend do 8foot drops with it into dirt, he uses it for street and its super strong…its profile so you get the lifetime warranty but i think i heard somewhere that it doesnt apply to unicycles…correct me if that isnt true…
a guy at moab had a very nice profile setup with the titanium axle and hub, it was cool, heres a picture of the titanium crank/axle set up

That looks like a lime green Hunter with day-glow titanium gadgetry. Quite the best. Anyone give it a test drivJL

old school. when uniing became more hard core these were the first “good” (DM might have come out first) cranks.
my personal favorite. very strong and with a little work will last a long time. tend to creak a little after time. down side = expensive

the hub has custom made for uniing, but the cranks are their regular ones.

Profiles are awesome… very durable.

However I believe they don’t really come in short crank lengths due to the fact that BMX riders normally have fairly long cranks. This only means that they might not come in many sizes suitable for trials and street. Great for MUni though.

There is also a fairly good variety of cranks made by different companies that fit the profile spline pattern but they’re all expensive.

Profile are my favourite crankset without a doubt, after having used and ridden almost all other splined trials cranksets on the market (thanks Joe)

I just love the 145mm length, plus the Q-Factor for me, is definitely a huge aid in terms of balance and that ‘oh so perfect’ feeling of finesse during a pedalgrab and up.

Weight-wise, the Profile set is a bit heavy purely because of the hub. The crank arms themselves are fairly light actually. Regarding creaking, it is a problem only in some hubs. My first hub I got off Joe was clicky as hell, then my second hub (zack’s one) seems fine. Weird, but there we have it.

Well, it’s what I’m stuck with really, otherwise i’d have to make custom lollipops for my frame to take ISIS bearings. :roll_eyes:

what frame are you using sponge? Why lollipops?

Hey everyone,

I have heard rumors that Profile 145mm cranks are really 150mm, and I really want to find out if this is true. So if someone with 145mm profiles could do this for me that would be awesome. All you have to do to get a good measurement is to take off the pedal, get out your mm ruler, and measure from the center of the crank bolt hole to the center of the pedal hole.



My Profile cranks are between 145 and 150 mm. They’re shorter than 150, probably around 147 or so.

Profile made them as short as they could on their machining equipment.

Different batches of the cranks may be longer than others. I don’t know. Some people have measured the cranks to be 150, but I’m not sure if they properly measured from center to center.

Profiles are awesome. I love to hear my bitch creak.

They may be a little heavier than most cranks, but they will outlast them. Also, as Sponge said, the Q factor and “feel” of them is what makes me like them so much.