Profile hub/cranks vs KH moment hub/cranks

Are profile hub/cranks that much better than the KH moment hub/cranks? There way more expensive, I know, but are they way better?

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More Information Please;) - tell me all you know.

Thanks to all

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I think profiles have a long qarentie and they may be slightly lighter thats all I know;)

No, KH is lighter, and much cheaper. I would go with KH.


  • Heavy
  • Creak a lot
  • Strong *
  • Life time warantee on the cranks (I believe, you dont always get broken parts for free)
  • Nubs (hit your ankles on them)
  • Expensive
  • Can be hard to get hold of in some countries

KH Moments

  • Quite light
  • Strong *
  • Nice for tricks where you use the cranks
  • Easy to see flips with on video
  • Range of sizes
  • ISIS (can use other ISIS bike cranks with it)
  • Nubless (smaller chance of hitting ankles)

*They are hard to compare each other.

There are more.


profiles come in more lengths and fit 40mm OD bearing holders. they’re a kickass upgrade to a formerly square tapered set up. they come in more long lengths than the KH.

the KH is a great hub/crankset, the profile is probably stronger and better for some applications.

Yeah they come in more sizes but the smallest is 145mm and that is still pretty long for a mod uni.

more choices above 150 though, so more options for muni. this is useful, especially if you’re tall like me. also i have an older gb4 muni frame, it won’t accept KH sized bearings.

Another thing to compare is the breaking point in the two cranks.

In the Profile cranks, because they are tubular steel they are more likely to bend and then eventualy snap in the crank near the hub. This can be a slow process where they bend or as you can see in defect can be a rather dramatic snapping action.

In the Moment hub and infact pretty much all solid aluminum cranks that have an insert to hold the pedals the faulty point will be the point where aluminum and the steel touch. At this point the aluminum will wear away (although very very slowly at first), this will cause the pedal to be loose and the process will slowly speed up until your pedal is so loosy goosy that you can’t get it off the crank without destroying the crank. This process is very slow though and the cranks are very strong also for the most part until the cranks are already loose they won’t be affected any more or any less by larger drops.

Ultimatly it comes down to whether you want to gamble with a large amount of money knowing that at some point something bad could happen to your profiles but they might be replaced, or getting the KH cranks where eventualy they will slowly deteriorate but you will know that the proces is a slow one based not so much on how hard you ride but how much time you spend riding hard.

Thanks sooo much fellow uniers’ your comments were really helpful, I think I going with the KH moments for my trial uni.

Uni Every Second:D

go with whichever fits.

i run profiles on my muni and 05 KH on my trials. both have held up well.