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Is there anyplace else with the profile set up for a 24’’ MUni cheaper than

Any bike shop can order the hub and cranks from Profile Racing. It may be cheaper this way. For mine, the hub and cranks were only about $10 cheaper, but the completed wheel was $100 cheaper with better spokes.

With regards to your other post about which muni to get. I’m all in favor of GB4 frames. But then I know George personally and I have two of his frames.

I had my GB4 29er out for a wonderful snow ride today and I’m going to commute to work on it in a half hour.

cheers…Joe in snowy Iowa

Yes, the wheel and everything together if you just buy all the parts seperate and build the wheel yourself…or have george and brian help :smiley: is a ton cheaper ive found out. So you do recommend the GB4 then right? How has yours held up? Should I do it over KH24. THe GB4 will have profile hub/canks and a airseat with time but it will cost in the $600+ range while KH24 is 450 what would you say

Also What bike shop is this with the cheaper profile stuff?

I’d get the GB4 and if you can’t afford everything right now, then just get the frame or get whatever you need when you can afford it. I painted my GB4 29er myself, but had George powdercoat my GB4 freestyle mettalic black.

I got my Profile hub/cranks at a local bike shop that I like. If you have a favorite shop, ask them. Or… talk to George, since Brian works at a bike shop :sunglasses:

cheers…Joe in Iowa

wholsale cost directly from profile (what a bike shop pays for the product) is approximately 190 US dollars. this number may be 10 bucks low, but that’s what i have written down, i seem to remember paying 200 even though…

So go befreind an employee of your local bike shop. a few beers usually does the trick.

Re: Profile hub/crank

I do a Profile/DX32/Gazz wheel for about $526.03 plus shipping. The price varies a little as parts prices change.

Here’s a detailed description:

– Profile Unicycle hub with choice of cranks (145, 160, 165, 170, 175, 177, on up) and crank color (chrome/black)
– Profile 99R12 bearings
– Spokes (14/15g) 36x4 DT Competition Black
– Black DT brass nipples 14g
– Alex DX32 24" 36 hole rim
– Salsa Polyester rim tape
– IRC Torque Downhill Tube 24x2.35-3.0" Schrader valve
– Gazzaloddi 24x3.0" tire
– Fantastic wheel build guaranteed for life of your components.

You can save a little by not having black spokes and nipples. I build each wheel by hand on order so it takes a little while but the wait is worth it.

Note this includes double-butted spokes and bearings.

Profile is currently back ordering cranks so there is a little bit of a delay there at this time.

PM me if you are interested.

Do you sell profile hub/crank set alone? And if so how much for that?

Not at this time. I’m trying to concentrate on things I build, which is where my products shine. I can’t compete with the biggies on straight merchandise. I basically do wheelsets and custom unis, and uni repairs.

ANyone know of any sellers of profile hub/cranks? PLEASE…If not i could always chuck out the 300. Though i dont especially wanna. Any websites or anything at all?

Instead of chucking away the money, you could buy several copies of UNiVERsE 2 and send them to NZ (to me and my friends). If you want to buy profiles, you could go directly to the source and go to the Profile Racing website. Surely it is better to go straight through them than to buy from a middle-man (or woman). Good luck! Profiles are wicked.

Profile racing Inc.
5290 95th Street North St. Petersburg, Florida USA 33708
TEL: 727/391-7370 FAX: 727/398-2153

I heard AccordNSX sold them for $260 Shipped, if you order the normal cranks. And $280 shipped if you want the dirt king cranks. I do not know if he still does or not.

I paid 220 through my LBS for em

220? For both the hub and cranks…What is the name and number of this place?

220 was probably a one-time favor for a local customer. No dealer could stay in business selling consistently at that price. Even AccordNSX’s price is too low for a dealer.

Yep you got it U-turn basically, it was a custom order they did for me twice now. It pays to make friends with your LBS and to ride demo’s for them if they ask you to. I also purchase basically anything cycling related that I get through them and ride with the owner and employees on what was a regular basis.

Eh, I’m pretty good friends with the guy at my LBS but I dont think were that close, plus he’s not the owner.

Re: Profile hub/crank

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 00:06:31 -0600, Eublapharis13
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>>I heard AccordNSX sold them for $260 Shipped, if you order the normal
>cranks. And $280 shipped if you want the dirt king cranks. I do not know
>if he still does or not.

That was a one-off. AccordNSX collected 10 orders and negotiated a
discount. I’m guessing he wouldn’t do it again.

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