Profile hub/Arrow rim

I have recently ordered a profile hub and crankset and an arrow racing 19 inch rim. i’ve had a hell of a time finding out what spoke length i’m going to need. i’m planning to use a four cross pattern with 36 spokes. i would really apprecitate it If anyone can give me any info on the lengths i need or some way to find this out. would anyone know if there a better way to lace a rim for the abuse of trials?

In my previous and up until now, only post i accused a certain machinist of ripping off a certain custom uni builder. i would like to take that back and offer my services in manufacturing custom bearing holders to anyones specifications for under one hundred dollars a pair plus shipping. Price includes material (steel or aluminum only,) manufacturing time, and profit so i can eat.

Also, i’m having a hard time finding an aluminum muni or trials frame. does anyone make one, or are they mostly custom builds?


Re: Profile hub/Arrow rim

Roger Davies has posted a spoke length calculator on his UK website


Steve Howard makes a gorgeous, bolted together, CNC milled MUni frame that is color anodized. I have a red one.

The Wilder frame, made by Scott Bridgman and available from, is also aluminum, I believe.

This is a picture of the Steve Howard MUni. Steve has many photos of the same model in various stages of construction.


thanks for the link. he had my hub listed, but no arrow rim. it was still fun to mess around on though.
beautiful is right! that looks like a hell of a frame. curious about it’s stiffness though. thanks again.