Profile Hub and 170 Cranks.

Hub in good condition. Cranks virtually new, used only once and cosmetically perfect. 170mm

$60 each or $100 for the set.

What kind of hub is it: coterless, splined or ISIS ?

In case of splined hub, is there other known brand of cranks that are known to be compatible (in case the Profile cranks are hard to find or expensive) ?

In case of ISIS hub, is it a standard implementation or a custom one (like the early K1 ISIS hubs) ?

It is 48 spline and only compatible with profile cranks.
You can order the cranks here

They are $65 A PIECE. 145mm,160mm and 170mm are the sizes you most likely would use on a unicycle.
The cranks have a lifetime warranty that covers bending/breaking provided you have the receipt from purchase. Very reliable crank-set.

Another option is to post a wanted thread on here for the size you want.

I am selling due to my current financial circumstances.

Hub is sold.