Profile Cranks Question...

I need to replace my profile cranks, i emailed and this is what they said

“Please let us know what order number you ordered the Profile cranks under as we cannot find your order.”

what does that mean? Cause i ordered my uni through a bike shop… So i have no clue.

Can anyone help?

email profile rather than

why would i do that? i ordered them through wouldnt have to email profile?


Re: Profile Cranks Question…

did you specify in your email that you ordered through a bike shop?

also, the warranty is profile’s, not’s


well maybe ill tell that i got them through a bike shop


How about you make up your mind where you got them from?

Did you order them directly from

Did you order them from through a bike shop?

Did you order them from a bike shop, but thought should replace them for you anyway to save you the hassle and grief?

The best way to accomplish something (such as asking a question) is to be clear and detailed.

It is definitely so. :slight_smile:

PS: I also recommend that people make the effort to construct questions so they can be answered with a simple Yes or No, versus requiring hefty exposition.

If you ordered at your bike shop, start there. The purpose of going through them is so they can handle some of this (instead of them losing your business by you ordering directly from Since they sold you the parts they should be able to handle any warranty issues. Your order number (if needed) should reside with the bike shop.

unibrow’s question is a valid one… works with bike shops so they can be “dealer” and therfor sell parts through shops all over the USA.

heres the list

calling about somthing purchased at one of their dealers souldnt be a problem.

well im from vancouver island…does that make a difference?


Yes, definitely