Profile cranks on an Onza hub?

Just wondering, would profile cranks fit an Onza hub? They’re both 3/4 inch and I believe the Onza is 48 spline. This might be useful if you want to turn your Onza trials ride into a muni and want long cranks. That way you’d only have to buy some cranks, instead of the whole hub. Also, has anyone ever bent or broken an Onza hub/crankset?

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it wont work,the Onza has somthing like 36 or 40 splines,but not the 48 that Profile has.

The new onza hub will be 40 spline double keyed (from what i can gather)

Profiles are 48 spline single key, not compatable

I see, thanks anyway.

Re: Profile cranks on an Onza hub?

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