profile crank ?

how do i get it off? i unscrewed the one bolt holding it in. now what? do i need a special crank arm puller or do i hit it with a hammer?

thanks in advance. :thinking:

Re: profile crank ?

Here is a thread with some pictures showing how to use the Evercraft bearing puller to remove a Profile crank.

New Profile cranks can be very VERY difficult to remove. After they have been used they will get looser and be much easier to remove. I used every swear word I know when I was trying to remove my Profile cranks when they were brand new. It was almost impossible even with the bearing puller and other tools. If your cranks are new it might be better to just ride with them for a few days to get them to loosen up before trying to remove them.

it is possible to do it without tools by standing on the tyre and rocking the crank backand forth in an upword motion as you grunt and cuss…ive done it that way twice.

now i oun a evercraft puller.

PS.if you do it the hard way,make sure nothing sharp is behind you and there are no small children in the room without earplugs…

I got mine off delicately with a hammer and a block of wood (or something like that…I can’t remember). It took a bit of effort but I got it in the end without any damage at all.