Profile crank rub HELP!!

I need suggestions please. I just got a nice set up. KH24" with profile hub and cranks. I took off my KH Moments and put on my new set up. Problem! The right side Profile crank that has that little threaded nub sticks out to far and rubs on the welded part of the dropout of the KH frame. Does anyone know what i am talking about? Help please.

You can grind off the nub as it is not needed on a unicycle. The nub is there for attaching a chainring thingy for bikes. My first set of 170mm profiles came from with the nub ground off, then I found out how ridiculously long they were and I had to order 145s to make it feel better and they came with the nub intact. Luckily it was not a problem once I took the bolt out so I didn’t have to do any grinding myself. If you do grind them some paint will come off. You can paint it again or if you are going to do crank grabs and pedal grinds and stuff it might not matter if you are going to scratch up your cranks anyway.

I too had the same problem for my 19"

Step one: grind that thing down. It serves no purpose on a unicycle.
Step two: fill the hole with silicone/sealing material.