Profile Crank Problem

I just attached my profile cranks from to my profile hub and found that the left crank is uneven with the right, it is bent in a way. This is noticable by the naked eye and I know it is the left crank because George Barnes is the person who helped me to put it on (thank you) and when we noticed the problem we took his crank off of his Uni and put it onto mine, unsuprisingly the crank alignment was perfect with his crank but when mine was again put on it again looked obviously uneven. I have pictures of the wheel with his crank on it and with mine which I will have on this thread in the next few hours.

Has this problem ever occured before? And if so what did the person do about it.

Also how do you recommend I go about dealing with this issue with and profile racing co.

Thanks - I’ll have pictures up for you in no time.

Yeah, it was goofy. I beat you to the picture, see attached.

My crank (Dirt Jumper) was perfect, but fluffy’s was either to the left or right of straight.

Apparently Profile didn’t attach the splined bit in the crank at the proper orientation. They were also nice enough to not center the axle in the hub. Out of the box it was 1/16" off center.

Thanks for my pictures sir Goerge IV…anyone have this problem or any suggestions?

I’d suggest “e” before “o” for starters.

Sad to think it made it past at least two “final inspections”, assuming both Profile and have such procedures in place. Maybe not. I’d call John tomorrow and refer him to the pics on this thread. I’m sure they’ll remedy it for you.

Sorry about that, it was definitly a type-o. I can spell your name George, promise.

Is John one of the owners or managers or what not of And should i just ask for him when I call or how should I go about it?

John Drummond is the head honcho at

Call up on Monday and let them know about the problem. It will definitely be fixed under warranty by or Profile. It’s easiest to go through because Profile is going to want a receipt and yadda yadda yadda.

That is definitely something that would be fixed free of charge. However, you’ll probably be out the shipping cost to send it back. USPS is probably the cheapest way to send it back unless you have a business account with UPS that gets you a discount. Don’t sweat it, you’ll get a new crank.

Very weird that the crank got made out of alignment like that. Profile must be making a lot of parts on Friday afternoons when everyone wants to get home for the weekend.

I don’t speak for I’m just pointing out that that’s something that would definitely be fixed by or Profile.

Put a little note in the box when you send it back so they know who it’s from and why you’re sending it back.

I’ve had two experience with where I needed a part replaced (one time a bad part, the other time a wrong part). Both times they promptly shipped the replacement part, and included the return shipping labels necessary.

Assuming you bought the cranks attached to a hub and rim, you shouldn’t have to pay any postage. Visually it’s clearly off…somebody let that one through, and if you were buying the whole unit together, that somebody works for They should cover the shipping. Eventually, they will start realizing that it’s cheaper to check for quality up front instead of eating cost on the back end. I hope.

Thats good to hear. I don’t doubt that they will fix the problem if they feel it worthy, they are pretty good abotu that by reputation. I’ll call up John on Monday and try to politely solve the problem. It kind of sucks that I’m gonna have to take the crank off and wait for shipping and put it back on and all that junk though. Plus I’m gonna be without a MUni for up to 2 weeks most likely, thats not gonna come easy.

I’m still interested to hear if this has ever happened before or if I’m just hated by the major corporation.

Edit: I replied at the same time as Sir Blackwood. I did not buy the profile wheelset. I bought the hub/crank set and the rim and everything seperately and George Barnes built it up for me. Will this change anything?

I’d hesitate to call a major corporation. They’re a small business with growing pains and an ever-more-demanding customer base. On the two week thing, if they have spare cranks in stock, I’d push to have them overnighted. It wasn’t your screw up, why should you have to wait? They probably have some deal with profile where they send back problems in bulk periodically. Either way, it shouldn’t be your problem.

Push to have them overnighted…I don’t know if I have the balls to push that, I may or may not be entitled to it and I may mention it and lets hope that works but i think overnight delievery is pretty durn expensive.

Edit/Addition: I used’s shipping calculator and found that next day air would be around $30. Do you think theyd go for it? 2nd Day Air is $13. Ground is $8.

Think of it this way:
When you ordered, did you specify you wanted a broken friggin’ Profile setup on your uni? Is that what you shelled out all those hundreds of dollars for? has become infamous for its poor quality control. Run a search…your pain is not isolated or new. The good news is they’re pretty good about making things right. The bad news is they don’t appear to be learning from their mistakes. I just don’t get that part of it. Having to dig deep into shallow pockets should reinforce the lesson. How hard is it to look at the darn thing before you send it and make a visual on whether it’s straight or messed?

Basic economics: if you ever order another unicycle from them, they’ll net more than the $30 it should cost them now to keep you as a customer. If they don’t step up, I’d be surprised.

It is okay to be a demanding consumer…

No harm in asking. I suspect they’ll at least 2nd day it to you if you push a little.

Also, it might be worth expressing your dissatifaction that they shipped you something they could (should?) have caught in the first place. Don’t be mean about it, just politely express your displeasure. Maybe point out that if they improved their QC some, they could have saved you the additional wait and frustration, and saved themselves the cost of shipping, of handling your calls, etc.

Yes, by all means be polite (firmly, unyieldingly polite) about it. Think of this as an opportunity to help make them better… I run a complaint department, and our motto is “Every complaint is a learning opportunity”. Hopefully they’ll have a similar outlook.

the machiene pumps outs several in a curious to know if there are more messed up ones lurking out there…I know how it works. :frowning:

I don’t think this is something that should have caught. This is Profile’s screw up. They should have caught it before it left the factory.

The only way could have discovered the problem is by installing the cranks on the hub. You don’t want them doing that unless you buy a pre-assembled unicycle. If you’re just buying the hub and cranks you don’t want them installing the cranks on the hub just to see if they really fit. If they installed the cranks you’d have to figure out how to remove the cranks when you got it. The Profile cranks are a bitch to remove when they’re new.

The fault is with Profile. just gets stuck with dealing with the return and dealing with the customer.

My profile hub started out great, but after use it twisted a bit so the cranks weren’t in line with each other. Eventually it twisted one spline distance and I simply moved the crank one spline. Perfect, problem solved. for now…


Just ask. You have nothing to lose.

Make sure you ask for John. If you get the answering machine, try back a few minutes later. They are probably using up all the other lines. That’s what I do and usually get through on the second attempt. The phone is best and will give you the fastest result.

And assuming you didn’t (as JC does), then there is no one to blame but Profile. That wasn’t the way I read it, but when I look back to the original post: “I just attached my profile cranks from to my profile hub and found that the left crank is uneven with the right, it is bent in a way.”, I probably read it wrong. If you’ve already sent off an indignant mail, then by all means hold your ground :D. If not, then maybe the best strategy is to leverage’s relationship with Profile to get as quick a repair as possible, and chalk up your overnight shipping charge as just another dig into the moneypit that is unicycling.