Profile crank bolt size (HELP!)

Does anyone know what size of bolts are used on Profile cranks? My 20" Monty/Alex/Profile arrived today… without crank arm bolts. I’m hoping to pick up something at the hardware store until I talk to

Also, everything came to me unassembled. Is there any standard number of spacers between the hub/bearings and the cranks/bearings? I was just going to space out the bearing until the bearing caps clear the hub and put a spacer between the cranks and the bearings.

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It’s a custom bolt. You aren’t going to find it at a hardware store. You’ll have to get the bolt from or Profile.

You’ll have to experiment with the spacers to get the bearings in the right place for the frame. Or you could ask what spacing washers they use for the frame you have.

Bummer. You aren’t going to be able to ride it right away till you get the parts.


Re: Profile crank bolt size (HELP!)

Hi George,

I recently disassembled my Profile setup to lube up with anti-seize. I have thin spacers and thick spacers and found that mine requires at least two thick spacers between the hub and bearing to give clearance between the outer hub shell and the edges of the main cap bearing holders. The frame forks on my Sem XL then need to flex outward a bit to meet up with the bearings.


George, what frame are you using? Did you make your own frame?? I’m planning on hooking up with you guys for the July 24, wednesday, of RAGBRAI. I still haven’t decided if I’m riding the whole day, since it’s a 69 mile day. I may just start later on in the route for the day. We’ll have to figure out a way to get together for that day. Maybe we could swap cell phone numbers, so we meet up. see ya…Joe (Mojoe) in North Iowa

Thanks for the info John and Bruce.

Yes I did make my own frame…

It weighs in at about 1.9 lbs - with a really long seat tube (14"). Anyone know what other trials frames weigh?

Mojoe, check your email later tonight.

Thanks again,

Re: Re: Profile crank bolt size (HELP!)

That’s odd, on my profile with the same bearing holders all i need is a thick and a thin on the inside and a thick on the outside… except on the longer side which also has a cone washer on it… oh well, it works!

Max Dingemans

Re: Re: Re: Profile crank bolt size (HELP!)

Same frame, Max? That somehow may make a difference. I tried a thick and a thin on the inside and ended up with contact between the hub and bearing holders. It was slight contact but enough to affect the wheel a bit, much like an overtightened bearing would affect the wheel’s spin.


Home made frame but same bearing holders. maybe your frame is squeesing into middle too hard? oh well.

hey gbarnes,i like your frame.i just got a KH20.

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