Profile Bolt missing

So, my brother lost the bolt that keeps his profiles on. They’re not likely to come off (we can’t get them off…) but it would be good to get a new bolt. Anybody know where to get one? I don’t think our local hardware store has them.

A bit pricey…

If you still have the washer then you may be able to pick up just the bolt at your local hardware store.

my bike store calls them Bitchin’ Bolts, because they’re SO freaking expensive, losing one costs you like $20. so, they’re $20 for a pair. I lost two and had to get new ones…

on a side note, i did some pretty wild muni on my muni for about 2 months without a bolt. Every now and again I would look down and see the crank halfway off, and kick it back on without missing a pedal stroke :slight_smile:

While not totally relevant, I’ve got a problem as well. On my 06 DX the black plastic spacer type thing which goes around the crank bolt is missing. Is this terribly important, it seems as though it serves to just keep dirt and the like out?

This reminds me, I’ve been meaning to make some extra profile washers… I’ll get to it when my lathe is running, so that means soon. I’ll be making 3 for myself, and if anyone wants some, well, I’ll make a thread when I get around to making the washers.

yep, thats the truth…if you only lost one, be happy…at least you will have a spare after getting a new pair…DONT RIDE WITHOUT THEM!!

You don’t need that ridiculously expensive Profile bolt–only a washer that fits the inside of your crank arm and a bolt that fits the crank arm as well. Get a high quality bolt/washer combo for around a buck and you’re good to go. I’ve been running that system for over a year with no problems.


yeah, you can find campatible bolts at the hardware stores but once when i tried, the thread pitch on the bolts was slightly differant than the hub…it would have worked but i didnt want a class B fit so i just paid the huge jack for the Profile ones.