Profile Bearings, 2 sized pairs plus more.

taking offers here on some Profile Bearings and spare parts.all are new, never used except crank tool.

one pair is the Profile size : 19-mm ID, 1 5/8 OD

the other pair is 19-mmID, 40-mm OD

the two long ones are bolts that go into the right crank arm to fill the hole so dirt wont get in.

the shorter bolts are crank fixing/tightning bolts with the flush countersunk washers…

Crank tool

this is the standard crank tool that comes with Profile cranks.


if you see this thread, they are still available.

how much do you want?

as much as i can get.

can you give me some Idea? I have never bought that stuff $5.00 :thinking:

i think $15 + shipping would be fair.

what is the crank tool used for?

Sold I’ll gladly pay $15 plus shipping. I am not in a hurry to get them so the cheapest shipping method will suffice.

I was thinking I had dibs on this :thinking:

$ how about 5 bucks shipping ,1st class mail…all that steel is kinda heavy but 5 buck sould do it.

I will PM you my address.