Profile Bearing Size??

I’m getting a Profile hub built into a wheel from the bike shop. I have a Semcycle XLW frame. When ordering the hub from Profile, bike shop guy says they only ship it with 19mm x 1 5/8 inch bearings. No problem says I, I’ll just local purchase some 19mm x 40mm bearings. After a week of not finding any, I order a pair from I just got them today and they are unmarked, so I measure them to be sure they’re the right ones. ID is 19mm, yeah!! OD is 1 5/8 or just over 41mm, BOOOO!! Did they send me the wrong ones, or do they send everyone these when you order the 40mm? I checked to see how bad they fit my bearing holders and they seem to fit OK. I look through the hole in the bottom of the bearing holder and it looks like the bearing is touching the bottom. Does this mean that my 40mm bearings I’ve been using have been a sloppy fit in the bearing holders or is 1.25mm not that much to matter?

I’m just wondering if it’s going to be OK to use them, as they seem to fit the bearing holder fine. It also bums me out that I paid $30 for bearings and shipping when if I didn’t need them. Does anyone use the 1 5/8 inch bearings with 40mm bearing holders???

Rant mode off…Mojoe

I ordered mine from uni with 40’s, and they measure between 39 and 40mm’s. cant tell you if yours is gonna work or not though.

there going to work only because there is alot of room for slop in those generic stamped bearing caps.if you had a Hunter or Wilder etc. with machined bearing holders they wouldnt work at all.

a mistake was made and you need to tell them,this seems to happen alot for some reason.its happened to me 3 times.AccordNSX talked about 3 orders in a row getting parts left out of the is great but someone in that shipping area is a little hasty about taping boxes shut and giving the go ahead.

anyone else had shipping mishaps?

Thanks, I think they will work. If they bind up the bearings, I’ll give them a call.

Oh yeah, I’ve had a lot of orders that were missing items, which is why I measured the bearings when I got them. It must cost them a lot in shipping. To their credit, they always correct the faulty orders quickly. My main beef with them has always been their lack of care when packaging unicycles. Just throw them in a box with anything you ordered bouncing around getting caught in the spokes. Although the bearings were packed very well and in a nice big box.:slight_smile:


so your up for some riding this weekend right?

I’ll see how busy I am and I’ll let ya know.


it’s all good, whenever.

funny, they just pulled the same shit with me. I have a hunter though, so the 15/8 bearings won’t fit. My MUni’s been broke for two weeks now and I’m going insane

I picked up my Profile hub/Doublewide wheel yesterday. We had to spread the frame a little more, but it’s working great. I’m using the 1 5/8inch bearings, and there isn’t any binding and the wheel turns freely. I guess I’m lucky the stamped cheap-o bearing holders have a lot of room for error. They only cover the very bottom and top of the bearing.

Overall, I love the Profile hub/cranks. The Doublewide rim is nice too.


sweet deal.

Max, are you up for some riding tomorrow(Saturday)?? It’s suppose to be nice out I think, and I need to get some riding in on the muni before I forget how. I’d love to come up and ride if you can. You can show me the good places to ride in the cities.

cheers… Mojoe

Yeah tommorrow will work fine. we could hit the U, and downtown, or some muni? ill e you some directions.

Re: Profile Bearing Size??

Did you get your fireball yet Joe? Soon you’ll have the ultimate wheelset.


yes, my friends dad ordered a trials uni from them a while back (like 8 months) and they forgot to put in the odysse pedals, but he didn’t care. that suck with the bearings. Hope you enjoy your profiles!