Professional coach needed for Unicon 18


4 months left to Unicon 18 and I need a professional coach that can help me get in the best shape possible for Muni races.
I´m already in a pretty hard training (12 times a week) but need specific coaching around diet, what, when and how to train for best efficiency.

Do anyone know a good coach to hire?
I’m living in Sweden and there aren’t that many around here beside bicycling coaches but I doubt they can help me with a specific unicycle training.


I even doubt there are coaches for muni riding… I think the best would be to see the cyclists and adapt their trainings to what you feel works better for unicycling.

Ask Gossi who he thinks would be the best coach for you (if there is for Muni).

For local help, mountain biking or trail running coaches can probably be good. I always thought of unicycling, at least Muni, being somewhere in between bicycling and running.

To do well in races, you need a mixture of speed and smarts. No need to ride the super-technical stuff; if it’s quicker to take a few steps, that’s the strategy in today’s Muni racing. Practice riding on unfamiliar terrain; this will help you in learning how fast to attack new terrain. Too fast and you will lose time.

Thanks for your input.
Yes, I think you are jaco_flans is partly correct. Although trail run and mountain-biking is somewhat similar there are also lots of differences. As you know in muni you have to stand up and push the pedals hard for each obstacle and then focus on balance with your upper body where you just can roll over or do a energy efficient jump for trail running. I think a great deal of power lifting would be beneficial.
I also think you are right about the more advanced obstacles where you should rather walk than pay effort, power and time on trying mastering them. At Unicon 17 there was some crazy hard drops that I would “never” been able to handle.

My second alternative is of course to get a mountainbike coach, but I think it would be best with a Unicycle coach if there is someone :slight_smile:

@leo thanks, I will follow up on your suggestion!