Production KH24 photos

The photos posted by Monty awhile back of his Norco KH24 were a bit different from the final version delivered to I have posted photos in the gallery but I don’t know how to set up a hot link to it. If someone wants to do that, please do.
The most obvious difference is the color. They are black, which I prefer. The Alex rim is also all black.
I’ve upgraded some of the components. I did not like the KH seat. It is way better than a Viscount and more comfortable to me than a stock Miyata but as far as I’m concerned, cannot compare to a Miyata based airseat conversion.
I changed the stock Duro tire out for a Gazz.
I changed out the stock Wellgo pedals for a pair of Shimano DX’s.
I added a pair of Magura brakes and a Thomson seat post.
The bearing holders are really quite nice, thay have a beveled outer edge like the Hunter holders.
I’ve given the MUni a pretty good work out so far on the trails and I am very pleased. Not only is it a great unicycle for the price, it really is a great unicycle period.
The axle is quite stout and the cranks are as well. They are not offset like the Profiles, which I am used to, but they really didn’t take much of an adjustment at all. I have not had any problems with my ankles hitting the axle mounting flange either.
So far I have nothing negative to report. The only thing I can think of is that the bearing is an odd size. I’m told it has an O.D. of 42mm. If for some reason you wanted to change to a Profile set up, I don’t know if a bearing with that O.D. is available that will fit the Profile axle.

Production KH24 photos


In the interests of truth in advertising (the thread title is Production KH24 photos) !

Pictures, puh-leeze?



Here we go:

Production KH24 with upgrades:leather covered airseat,24 X 3 Gazz, Thomson post, Shimano pedals and Magura brakes

Rear view of gusset

Bearing holders and crank. The holders are nice and have a beveled outside edge like the Hunters but this is obscured by the dust cover flange.

All in all, a very good uni! I got the captions from the gallery. Was the KH saddle that bad?

I was wondering how that Duro 3.0 compares to the Gazz 3.0. I still have never spent much time up on any 3.0 tire, but I get the impression from the forum that the Gazz is the only way to fly.


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Production KH24 photos

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The Velo KH seat is not terrible, It is just has nowhere near the comfort of an air seat. It feels a bit hard to me and it seems to force you to the center area. If you notice from my gallery photos, I am of the low saddle, high tilt school. My son has the KH on his Schwinn and he loves it. It is a great improvement over the Viscount.

I put my Gazz on the wheel before I even put the uni together. The Duro has a rounder profile than the Gazz, I can’t give a ride report though, as I have never ridden it.


the foot platform is about an inch higher than the Pro model,thats weird…

the kh velo seat

i’ve actually had some problems with the kh seat.For one, its to wide on the sides of it for hopping with the seat out, and two , i just cant stand those plastic handles in the front .

but thats just my opinion:D

Frank wrote:

Interesting … perhaps another bearing size to consider. My bearing catalog lists a 42mm od x 20mm id (.787") bearing as a standard size. This would lead me to think that the splined axle on the new KH uni is 20mm - not 19mm (.750") like the Profile.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Steve Howard

to showard:

Yes, the axle is listed as 20mm O.D. This may also make the stock wheel tough to place on another unicycle. Is there a bearing made with a 20mm I.D. and a 40mm O.D.?

The new hub/axle seems really tough, but it would be nice to have the option of putting a Profile hub on the frame just in case. Is there a bearing out there with a 19mm I.D. with a 42 O.D.?


are you using a seat post shim?it looks like one.


Yes, it comes with a shim sized for a 27.2 post. I think for the most part, this frame is very close to the custom one with the obvious exeption of different bearing holders.

Mmmm that is one sexy machine. I have one coming my way soon!


Re: Production KH24 photos

“Frank A.” wrote:

> The new hub/axle seems really tough, it would be nice to have the
> option of putting a Profile hub on the frame just in case.


I’m still struggling (internally) :smiley: on whether to purchase the lower
end KH24 or a Yuni/Profile uni. I think honestly that the KH24 is a
better buy for the money. However, my concern is maintenance and parts

The bearings for the KH24 (as described at are supposed to be
20mmX42mm and are not for sale on their site. I don’t see any KH24
splined cranks for sale either. What would happen if you were to bend or
break a crank? I ‘was’ thinking that worst case scenario would be to
replace the sheelset with a Profile one, now that’s not looking like an
option. Hmmmmm…

Comments ???


Re: Re: Production KH24 photos

Bearing size, among other things, was one of the main challenges on this thing. I have to admit that I strongly wanted them to use 40mm bearings, not 42mm, due to compatibility issues with other hubs. However, because they were not able to source a 20mm ID/40mm OD bearing, it will come with 42mm. In the long run this may actually be a good thing, as other large diameter (such as ISIS) axle/hubs become available, that may work better with the 42mm size as well.

Replacement axles will hopefully also be available soon at I’ve been away travelling for 5 months and was totally out of the loop, but am now back and will be working on this and a few other new uni products.



Re: Re: Re: Production KH24 photos

One other thing: You can use Profile hubs with the production KH24 unicycle- you just have to put a shim in there. This isn’t a big deal, and I’ll see if I can make custom shims available. Otherwise aluminum cans cut to size will work.


Will (or any other retailers) be selling just the frame?
I am curious, because i already have a nice wheel, and that frame would complement it nicely.


The bearings are available from McMaster-Carr in a precision double sealed or double shielded version for about $20 each. Any bearing distributor will have these at a low price. The 20mm x 42mm size is 6004. I would be more concerned about the KH parts.


I called a local bearing distributor today and learned a few things about the bearings we’re using on our unicycles. The common bearing that most unicycles are using these days is a 6203. This is a metric bearing with a STANDARD size of 40mm o.d. x 17mm i.d. That’s the bearing that is used on a Suzue hub. However, this particular bearing is also available with three different inch series bores as designated by a dash and number after 6203. The number after the dash is the number of 1/16ths of an inch of the bore.

For instance, the bearing I’m holding in my hand right now is numbered 6203-12. It is 40mm o.d. x 12/16" i.d. - or .750 inch bore. A 6203-10 would be 40mm o.d. x 10/16" i.d. - or .625 inch bore. A 6203-8 is also available which would have a .500" bore.

Unfortunately in the case of the 6004 42mm x 20mm bearing, an inch series bore is not available.

Steve Howard