Production 32"?

Couldn’t you just cut the legs that fit into the frame?

Never mind.

That’s what I meant. Thanks.

Looks like some non-prototype photos are up on the UK UDC site. Not sure how long they’ve been there.

Looks great! This is exciting!

Weld-on brake mount… nice! :sunglasses:

I’m liking the grey.

I didn’t notice it in the smaller, line-up photo but it’s awesome to see a real disc mount on the new Oracle frames (27.5 and 32).

They weren’t there yesterday.
I have been checking for the new arrivals 3x a day, and what do ya know, I missed the photos.

It looks like the new stock could be released tomorrow.

No so keen on the grey myself (was hoping for purple). Loving the green on the 27.5 Oracle :smiley:

Yes! :smiley:

I was also hoping for a better colour (Purple would’ve been great) But still a nice looking machine :sunglasses:

After being so used to the bright colours of the other Oracles my mind sees this as a black and white photo of a colourful uni :slight_smile:

A 125mm hub is an interesting choice. I would have prefered to see a standard width hub but it does make some sense with the internal disk brake.

One advantage of the wide hub is if someone got the 32 and a Hatchet they could see if the 32" wheel fits in the Hatchet frame.

If it does I would be seriously considering getting the Hatchet with a few wheelsets.