Production 32"?

I haven’t heard anything lately on a production 32" from UDC. Is anything happening with that?

The 29+ wheel size is awful close to 32 inches (30.7 in for a 29x3 inch knard)

The big hurdle is developing their own tires and rims for it. There are less than a handful of tires and rims, and as they come off a department store bike, my guess is they aren’t ideal for uni.

They do stock the 32" tire on their site, for what it’s worth.

When I spoke to them at NAUCC, they said that the main issue is getting a tire made. It seemed as though they did not like the idea of putting a tire made in China on their unis. Comparatively, the rim would be easier, they already have a profile extrusion to use, they would only change the bending radius.

The difference is 3", which is fairly major. Of course, if you skew it by banging a very large, fat and heavy tyre on the 29-er, and a normal tyre on the 32", then the difference will be less.

But, if you put equivalent tyres on each size wheel then you’ll get a 3" difference.

The big hurdle is developing their own tires and rims for it. There are less than a handful of tires and rims, and as they come off a department store bike, my guess is they aren’t ideal for uni.

The rather square profile doesn’t lend itself to tight turns, but it is manageable.

Just my opinion, but I find the Kent rim/tire combo very rideable and maneuverable. There are a couple negatives: the rim is narrower than typical uni wheels, and rim brakes need to be positioned closer to make them work. The rim is drilled for 48 spokes, so this needs to be accounted for (no problem if you use a Qu-ax hub). Seems like mating it with a NightFox frame would be a good pairing.
My avatar shows me riding it. When equipped with a Schlumpf hub and multiple-hole cranks, it’s pretty much everything I want in a road uni. I eventually sold my 36’r, because I was only riding this one.
So yeah, I personally think it would be a good addition to the list of unicycle standards.
Just my opinion, of course, YMMV. Cheers!

Which is why he said 29+, IE. a 29er with a 3" tyre :smiley:

I’m quite happy with this. Bring on the larger-wheeled, skinnier-rim/tyred unis! (I’ve many times posted my opinion that 36er tyres are far too big for road use…)

My Qu-Ax rim is apparently quite a bit skinnier than the Nimbus rim (It certainly looks it), but it’s still running a 2.2" tyre. I’d love to see skinnier road tyres for larger wheels. How wide is the Kent 32’er?

OT, but do you mind measuring the outside width of the rim? I’m curious.

For reference, my 36er has a 42mm Nimbus Stealth 2 rim and a 2.25" Nightrider tyre.

The rim measures 32mm (outside). The inflated tire measures 55mm.

Qu-Ax rims are 32mm width, with the TA tyre being 2.25" too I think :smiley:

Latest information I got directly from Roger Davies 2 months ago were not fine. The tyre company firstly agreed to deliver a batch of 500 tyres which is quite huge for the unicycling industry and a new product but after that they changed their mind. It would need to develop a complete new tyre tooling as 32" is very specific size … and this is just far too expensive for the expected sales. What a pity …

Latest news???

Maybe I missed it somewhere else, but any updates on a production 32er? Bueller, Bueller, Roger, anyone?

This thread has the latest info that I’m aware of. Last word was April, or thereabouts.


Thanks lance, I thought I’d read it somewhere, but didn’t manage to find it again under that obscure thread! Looking forward to building up a new 32er wheel for a spare 36 frame I have.



Yes, it is on our next container. Looks at the moment like Mid April.

Tyre test

Finally got round to putting the test video together for the new tyre :slight_smile:

Great video, thanks. Makes me want to get a 32’ next. I’ve got a 36’ already. I would also like to ride a 29er… Too many choices :roll_eyes:

Mid April is Over and UDC.UK mentionnes “Coming early May 2016”

I wonder if it will be possible to use a 32 wheel in a Nightfox frame and lower the seat all the way down to the wheel. It looks like the fork “flattens” towards the bearing holders, so maybe not?

you’ll have the same inseam, so it would work if you can ride a standard nightfox, but if you mean a nightfox style frame for even shorter people, you could cut the legs of the green part of the frame and re-notch them to make it fit. You’d have to find clamps that fit the frame legs, because you’d lop off the integrated clamps. Not sure what size they are.