Product Review: Wellgo MG1


Today I ordered some Wellgo MG1 pedals. I am so excited for them to arrive!

Can people just tell me how they like theirs.

What is the grip, weight, strength, and all that like.

Thank you.


PS - I know Danni has some, so if you read this, just let me know how much you like or dislike them, so I can get ultra excited for them to arrive :slight_smile:

Alot of people says that it break realy quickly but danni sayd that you must do your pins out the side where you are doing pedalgrabs then they don’t break.If you want stil grip you can do griptape on them.
I hope i have help you.

Jan H

PS:sorry for my English!:stuck_out_tongue:
Are you from 1994 because I am and whats your highest hop so far mine is 80cm.

Yeah I am born in 1994, and I am at 67cm, so your ahead of me…

I don’t know if MG1s will break on me. I’ve never had an issue with breaking pedals. Only plastics, which is understandable.

I ordered them on ebay, and then said they weighed 13 oz. Is that right, because that’s freakin’ light. The MG1s with the ti axle, was only 10 oz. :astonished:

I am really excited for them though.

How do people find they flip?