Product Review Forum concerns...

I just realised that each forum gets ‘cleaned’ each year. I just looked in the review forum and the last posts are dated at late last year. This seems like a bit of a problem for me because unlike the others, the review forum doesn’t contain many threads and they all seem useful for at least a few years to me. Does anyone else see this as a bit of a problem? Maybe it won’t be so bad once the forum gets filled up a little more with new reviews of the same products.

Any thoughts?

I’m not saying that the review forum isn’t a good idea or anything. But, I think that it might be more useful if we started using the review feature on the web site more. I know that is only good for products that carries, but isn’t that most of what’s in the review forum anyway?

There’s my thoughts, feel free to disagree.


Actually, I strongly agree. I think both have lots of potential and should be used more often.


Re: Product Review Forum concerns…

Click on to the second page and you will see the older reviews. Not threads or post get removed.

What about people that order stuff thats not from

I have ordered pedals and a seat clamp from other companies besides Putting reviews on their are only so usefull. I think get a better varitety and more critical reviews through using the Forums. But thats just my opinion


Re: Product Review Forum concerns…

yeah? that forum has only been around for a couple of months of course its not that full.last year was a couple a weeks ago anyway.

As a unicycling novice, I found it very hard to find any information about unicycles. Until I met Steve Ragatz last week, I did not know anyone who unicycles (although I knew 3 unicyclers years ago when I was an undergrad). No one in my juggling club is interested in unicycling and none of the bike stores know anything about unicycling. Specifically, I wanted to know what were decent, but cheap unicycles. Before buying, I looked all over the internet for product reviews. The FAQ at is good but out of date. It has nothing about cheap unicycles like Savage and Torker. I want to encourage everybody to post reviews of their unicycles on the Product Reviews Forum so unicycling newbies like me have some clue when we go buying. I posted my opinions about my Torker 20" and Savage giraffe, but I don’t know that much. Hopefully people who have used a wide variety of unicycles and know potential problems will post for the benefit of all.
-Cycle on, Amos


Thanks for that. I didn’t notice the second page and it’s a relief that no thread or post is removed from here. Thanks for setting up and maintaining such great forums!