product idea - giraffe conversion

I just had an idea about how to turn a standard unicycle into a giraffe using all the existing parts except the cranks. Made a sketch of my idea, blue is the existing unicycle parts and red is the addition.

It is basically the top part of a Nimbus performer put on a standard unicycle and a couple cogs put onto the ends of the axles. Seat, seatpost and pedals can be migrated upward. It is sort of cool because you could use any wheel size for this.

There still needs to be some kind of chain tensioning device but there are many ways of doing this.

Just another project that I may or may not actually get around to making.

I was thinking about something similar recently. If you want to put tension on the chain wouldn’t you only need to raise the top part up and tighten the bottom seat post clamp?

yup, I was thinking of having a bolt that you could crank down pushing down on the unicycle frames post clamp from above.

If I built this myself I would probably use a couple right hand bike cranks for the bottom and use the big ring as a floating ring to tension the chain.

i like it a lot, if you build a working prototype i’ll buy it