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I bought a unicyle from Northern cycle in Ajax, Ontario, Canada and it doesn’t have a brand name. It has Lasco cranks with an code # LC152-D, it has a seat from an oriental country, and the tire is a cheng shin. I was wondering if anybody could tell me anything about it. Like the quality of uni it is, what kind it is? Anything. A company web-site would be very helpful.



Pix might help…

Why not ask Northern Cycle in Ajax where they got it from?

Jeez why didn’t I think of that. THanks. I have no way of getting photos of it.



I was thinking about going there to purchase my first unicycle. Did you find out any information from them? What has your experience been like.

Most likely it is a No name product - Many of the cheeper companies put these out and offer no support for the product later. The hubs are usually mild steel and bend easily.

You will not find a brand or company website for the product.

people should also consider our hoppley product - economicaly priced with hardened hub, plus we support the product with replace ment parts if needed.

yes a shameless plug but at least the brands we make have people to contact.

I’m not opposed to a shameless plug b/c I am the one looking for information. I followed the link and found the unicycle you suggested however it appears that the recommended weight is no more than 11 stone or 154lbs. I haven’t been that light since grade 9. I’m closer to 200lbs and suggestions?

Yes for adults we recomend looking for a unicycle with isis hubs - Square taper hubs are easiy to bend.

A good basic adult cycle is the nimbus 2

  • double walled rim, Isis hub and higher quality seat.

but if tricks are your game take a look at the trials section.