Problems with the newly arrived unicycle.

Alright guys, I need your opinions, today my new freestyle uni came in from UDC and there are a few things im unsure about with it. On the back of the frame the welding or chroming seems to be really messy, the seat tube seems to be a bit crooked and the tire clearance is much different than in the UDC picture and is nearing excessive. The seat also seems to be tearing a bit on the bottom. I think I can deal with the seat but im not really pleased with the frame, at all, should I contact UDC and see if it can be replaced with a Nimbus II frame? Ive included two pictures of the problems.

that has a lot of clearance GEEZ…thats too much for freestyle i think. i would switch it to a nimbus 2 if you could.

The foot room is terrible too, its not even flat so your foot slides right off. I showed the unicycle to my mother and she realized that the seat tube was crooked too.

What kind of unicycle frame is that?

I have a NimbusII and it looks much more solid.

Give them a call. the people at UDC have always been easy for me to work with.

That isn’t a very good freestyle frame at all…you should at least e-mail UDC, and see what they can do.

It is the Nimbus X Longneck frame, a frame you expect would be ideal for freestyle.

I emailed UDC and hopefully they can replace it with a nimbus II frame, or does anyone have recommendations for any other frame?

Hmmm. My Nimbus II just looks like a better product. Looks like UDC rearranged their website since Ilast looked. The NimbusII are in the adult trainers section now, not the freestyle. I really lik e that as a freestyle frame.

Other than that frame, it is a rather pretty unicycle:

have you contacted UDC ?

I just emailed them. I told them im not pleased with it and asked if it could be replaced with nimbus II frame. I wonder if ill have to pay shipping?

That’s weird. Mine Nimbus X frame looks similar but has a flat crown. Maybe the frame builder used the wrong crown. :thinking:

Is yours the long neck version?


Weird… does yours look as messy as mine at the base of the seat tube? Do you have any more foot room?

Jake, thanks for referencing the ‘source’ in resolving this problem. Our small enterprise exists to serve our fellow unicyclists. This is our chosen profession–we do this because we enjoy it. We’ll do it long term only by taking care of our customers.

Brian, if you ever have a problem with anything you’ve purchased from us, please call or email us first. We will make sure it’s resolved to your satisfaction. That way, you’re likely to come back to us for other gear. And we hope you’ll tell your friends that we treated you right.

We are working on this problem now and will contact you shortly.

Ah, I thank you, I do want to reinforce the idea that you guys have always treated me right and are a great business, I just wanted to get the opinion of others before I bothered you guys. Thank you so much for your time.

sorry i cant tell emotion without hearing it did i just get in trouble

No, he was praising you for doing the right thing.


Thanks guys. That was a sincere thank you to Jake. :slight_smile: