problems with my pedals on my KH trials

so ill try to describe best i can.
firstly, i have the plastick odyseey pedals that come with the KH.

the problem is that they dont spin around smoothly. Say i hit it, it spins fine at first but when it slows down, it seems that the pedal is biased at one end so it never slows down smoothly. kind of in a choppy fashion.
why this is bad is because im working on 180 unispin mounts and other various stuff and i can never get the pedal to be perfectly horizontal or even decently horizontal because it likes to revert to a 5 o clock/1o clock position rather than a 9/3o clock position.

also, on the inside of the cranks where the pedal is attached, there is like this nut that keeps on rattling so i took it off. the pedalwrench doesnt tighten that. i dont know how to tighten it and it rides fine with that thing on. does anyone know what i mean?

i had a good ride with beau hoover if anyones heard of him!

Beau Who?


Ah you need one of these pin spanners to tighten the weird screw on washer things:

Had the same issue with my moments, eventually i ended up locktiting them & tightening, haven’t had them loosen since then.

Wait… you what?


ok so ill get that tool thingy for the weird nut thingy. do i need those nut thingies though?

Also will that fluid stuff help my pedal spin more smoothly?
thanks for your help!

It sounds like one side of your platform is heavier than the other side. Have you looked at them enough to determine that the platform isn’t broken? If not, the bearings in your pedals are likely in need of adjustment. Local bike shops should have knowledge on how to do it.

You should definitely try to keep the lockrings installed and tight on the back of your cranks.