problems w/ Torker 20-inch

Has anyone had a problem with a standard 20-inch Torker uni, having the seat twist and slide down gradually? Is there a way to remedy this?

if it has a quick release, swap it with a bolt on release. or just tighten it more.

Thank you. I will try that.

Most unicycles come with a seatpost clamp like this. That type of clamp does not work very well. The post will slip no matter how tight you make it. It is best to replace that type of clamp with a BMX style seatpost clamp. If you have a United style clamp hopefully it is not welded onto the frame. If it’s welded to the frame it is harder to remove it to replace it with something better.

The BMX clamps will hold the seatpost nice and tight. They also make clamps with two bolts like the Primo Viking that will solve all slipping seatpost problems. I put the Primo Viking clamp on my stock Coker and the post never slipped. has a good selection of seatpost clamps.
seatpost clamps

Most quick release clamps do not do very well on unicycles. Most of them can’t clamp tight enough, especially if they are using the United style clamp. The better quick release clamps will do OK, but the cheap ones based on the United style clamp are no good.

You don’t mention if you have a chrome Torker or one of the black Torkers. The chrome Torkers have a 22.2mm seatpost while the black Torkers have a 25.4mm seatpost. They’ll need different size seatpost clamps.

One solution is to bring your unicycle to a local bike shop that carries BMX equipment and ask them for a good seatpost clamp that will fit. The other option is to call up and ask them what they have that will work.

Anybody know if there is narrow quick-release clamp which is cheaper than the Salsa Flip-Lock seat post clamp ($25)? I was thinking about putting a quickrelease on my uni, but I hate the bulky quick leases which cost $4 or $5, because I always hit my legs on them. The only narrow quick release at is this Salsa flip-lock which cost more than I want to pay.