Problems w/ KH/onza hub and crank set

I have a KH/Onza 05 hub and crank set and I was cleaning it. Everything went fine until I got to the inside of the crank.

  1. There is that big bolt inside keeping me from cleaning the splines. Any ideas how I can clean in there? (I also need to put grease back in)

  2. The “split washer” is inside the crank and I want to get it out to clean it. Any ideas on how to do this?

  3. The “ring-shaped bolt”, pinch bolt or what ever that piece on the end of the crank is called won’t come off. How do you take this off? I putting allen/hex keys in the holes and tried to “turn” (more like pull with all my strength) the doughnut shaped “bolt” in a clockwise direction. I couldn’t get it to turn.

  4. This site tells the order that the pieces go on the hub. I took off all these pieces. I also took off a small metal washer/shim/spacer. This piece is really small. I don’t remember where it went on the hub (I.E. after the bearing but before the thingamajig) and the site doesn’t say as far as I can tell. Do you guys know where it goes?

  5. I’ve taken off all the grease. When I put the grease back on I want to put it on all the surfaces that touch another surface right?

  6. Do I put grease on the outer rim of the bearing that sits in the bearing holders and frame?

  7. Any other tips on greasing, cleaning, reassembly, and pinch bolts would be nice.

     Thanks j45

I’m unsure about any of the other questions, but I think I know the answer to question 4. From memory, the really thin spacer goes in between the cranks and part F of the diagram. It sort of rests on the splines and is the last thing to go on before the cranks.

I’d be interested in an answer to question 3 as well. Previous posts indicate that the ring thing on the end is a dust cap and can be removed with a pin spanner. Its threads are left-handed (opposite of normal). (That was also from memory.) I assume the answers to 1 and 2 are obvious once you solve 3. In my case, a cursory effort did not remove it and I haven’t cared enough since then to try harder.

KH hub crank extracter

jeez man, how did this get so burried? this forum was once full of tech help, now its mostly boasting of personal drama, sarcasm then applause.

anyway, i got my crappy camera and went the inlaws house to post some help for you.

what you do in fact need is a pin spanner, the one i have is made by Park Tools.

Kris needs to change what he says about using a allen wrench to tighten the caps. it is both the wrong tool for the job and wont get it tight enough.

hub 1.jpg

here is a link to what you need.

they come in differant sizes. read is the small one and the one you need.

you just put the pins in the holes and twist. (see pic)

hub 2.jpg

This is a good diagram someone posted before. I think it was Roger at UDC.

That’s what Kris says about getting off split washers:

As you say, the split washer is stuck inside the crank when you take the crank off. After you unscrew the ring washer on the outside of the crank arm, just take a flat-head screwdriver and use it to gently tap the split washer out of the crank.

Though: Mine seems to be stuck.