Problems Removing a pedal

Hello, as the titles says i’m having touble removing one of my pedals. These aren’t the original pedals that came with my unicycle. I remember putting them on a few months ago and they went on pretty easily, but now when i try to remove one of the pedals i was able to turn it like 1 - 1.5 revolutions and now it is cmopletely stuck. Likey literally it will not budge. I’m positive I was turning it the correct way to remove it. Any suggestions on what i can do?

which side pedal, and which way are you turning it?

Same problem on my uni and tons of bikes. This may take a while but; 1. get alittle bit of WD40 or some kind of lube. 2. lather the pedal threads. 3.(most important) you have to work the pedal, for example. Turn it the 1.5 revs then turn it back and keep doing this untill it comes off.

hope it helps.

If you’re sure you’re turning it the right way (right pedal = right hand threads, left pedal = left hand threads), then apply more torque.

If you aren’t using a proper pedal wrench then get one.

Try rotating back and forth as suggested. It’s not likely to be a corrosion issue. Most likely, the threads in your crank are just a bit munged up.

There are two possibilities:

  1. The end of the pedal threads (the side nearest the hub) got mangled somehow, and when you loosen the pedal enough that they hit the crank threads, it seizes up. Tighten the pedal back up and see if you can clean up the end of the threads.

  2. You cross-threaded the pedal when you originally installed it, and the metal inside the crank is now all mangled. If so, you’re probably hosed. Hit the end of the wrench with a hammer until it moves, and see if there’s anything salvagable in your crank.

Some penetrating oil, like Liquid Wrench might help, but probably it’s just a question of brute force.

Thanks for the replies! I’m going to go lube it up and try some more, thanks again.

Ok, well tholub said it best, I’m hosed. It’s definitely crossthreaded, i beat it for a while with a wrench and hammer and it’s just shredding metal so… yeah. I’m going to start a new thread for crank / pedal suggestions! :slight_smile: