Problems from unicyling...

I know there is this thread:

But I was wondering what injuries people have had relating to that kind of stuff.

I’m sure some chicks have had issues too (if not of the same type)



I dont think there is such a thing as “problems from unicycling” other than my addiction distracting me while im at work or something like that… Unicycle daydreams.

The Obvious Ones

Well there is the problem with a 1 legged person might have while trying to unicycle…and as far as crutches go those are good if you wanna learn, they keep your balance(gotta get use to them though…) and you can try and ride with them side to side. Oh, and a broken leg is another problem.

Thigh chaffing is my current issue, but I find those shiny (and slippery) basketball shorts with riding shorts underneath is helping.

I’ve had an injury from continually pulling up on the seat to jump when i was still learning the technique…i pulled too hard and damaged my tendon (i think)

5 or so months later and the finger still hurts when i catch things or put stress on it but it’s slowly healing :slight_smile:

You can tell which parts of me have been injured from riding, because those are the parts that I now wear pads on. I currently ride with a nice pair of padded bicycle shorts and I just bought a pair of gloves today, so that should tell you a little…

Yeah I get blisters and sores in my hand a lot. Mostly on my pinky and ring finger. and some minimal chaffing on my inner thighs but all the usual stuff. nothing too horrible. do gloves really help your hands? I’m interested in getting some but I’m not sure if they are worth paying for.

Yes. Worth every penny. That first high speed UPD where I couldn’t run out and skidded across the pavement and ripped through the suede on my palms: my gloves paid for themselves.

street hurts my ankle alot. sprained it several times…