Probleme payment Unicon XV : Help !


I want to pay my registration as a competitor for the Unicon, but it does not work !
It says (in french) : “the credit card you mentionned can not be used for this payment. please use another card number”.
The fact is that I only have one Visa credit card of course.
I know that there is enough money on my account to pay, and it is the first time my credit card does not work when I want to pay something on the internet.
Does someone had the same problem ?
Thanks for helping, because I will not pay 500 NZ Instead of 350 dollars to be registered because Paypal failed !

Is it an international credit card? Are international orders allowed?

You need an international credit card to use pay pal…

If I was you, I would ask some relatives to login and pay for you, and you do a bank transfer or something like that, cause 500NZ Dollars instead 350 really sucks…


Perhaps write to before the December cutoff to let them know so hopefully they can sympathise and sort something out. Good luck!

I’m having a problem with the payment too but it is a different problem. I’ve registered and paid, but I selected the closing ceremony snack, and afterwards I found out that it is just some nibbles at a pub so there is no need to pay them money, and I unselected the snack and the amount owing said -$15. Dayan wants a T-shirt so I ordered a second one and the amount owing says $20, but if I go to pay with the credit card the amount to pay says $50 and it lists both a T-shirt and the closing ceremony snack and will not let me edit it. I’m not too worried and I think as it is a small amount I should be able to pay the $20 in cash for the T-shirt. I’m too lazy to write to about it.

Your credit card company will be able to help, there may be a restriction in case of fraud.

Problem is solved

Hi guys,

thanks a lot for your help !
I have written to uniconXV@…???(I dont remember the adress). .com, also for other questions, I never get any answer ... So I asked my mother to try to pay it. She tried with my credit card number, it didnt work, but with her credit card it did !


Hi Kevin,

I’ve just emailed you about it, but as it’s now sorted that’s good to hear.

See you in Wellington,

Ken Looi
Organising Committee