problem with vista dvd burner

I tried using the default dvd burner that comes standard with windows vista. When playing any or wmv through windows media player, you have the option to rip, burn and all that. So I inserted a blank dvd-r and it burned just fine to the disc, then it finalized it, then auto-ejected.

I thought it would be ready to play on any dvd player. NOT! Not only would it not play in my TV dvd, I also took it circuit city and popped it in several dvd players and it wouldn’t play in any of them! What could be the problem? Should I buy a stan-alone dvd burning software, like roxio? Any suggestions would be appreciated!:o

Its Vista… what did you expect? haha :wink:

I use Roxio, i like it. You could maybe use a demo version from Nero…

Haha. I also downloaded other dvd burners and they ALL go thru the process and finalize the disc, but they no dvd player-other than my laptop where it was burned- will play it! I’m using dvd-r.

I wonder if trying a dvd+r would make difference. Yes I’ve used roxio as well, and had an older version but it’s long gone and I really don’t want to spend $200 for the Roxio software I saw at curcuit city! I just want to burn a friggin dvd asap! Why is it so damn comlicated???:frowning:

It’s only complicated when you don’t know what’s going wrong. Supposedly. Unfortunately I don’t know what’s going wrong either so that’s not very helpful. I will comment that the many-versions-old Toast (version 6) that I still use on my Mac works fine, though the current version of the product is on 9 or 10. Your old Roxio may still work, long as it knows about the types of discs you’re using. In fact, my Toast software works just fine with dual-layer DVDs, which may not have even been on the market when that software came out.

Hopefully someone here who does more with video will be along soon…

Thanks John. I just called my local computer repair shop just down my street, and they said they would be happy burn a dvd for me if I bring then the wmv file on a disc…that I can do! :slight_smile:

I haven’t done this in a long time, but if I remember right .wmv is a proprietary MS format, and it is not compatible with any other video codec. Many of the other video codecs (avi, divx, and etc.) are variations of Mpeg4, and are easily moved between formats. I think you will need an application that will convert your wmv file to dvd files before burning. Once you have your Audio_TS and Video_TS folders you should be ready to burn it.

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You need software to encode from .wmv to either a VIDEO_TS folder or an image (.ISO) file. Either of those can then be burned onto a DVD that can be played on your standard DVD player with a freeware program like ImgBurn or DVDDecrypter.

I use dvd+r. And make sure you are burning an actual video dvd, and not just putting data onto the dvd. Theres a difference.

Nero vision is my favorite. Actually, Nero is my favorite bundle for all my cd needs. People say “OMG! 1gig for a burning program. Nero is bloatware.” Which is untrue. Nero isnt just a cd burning application, now its a media center, and luckily, there is a custom install option, so if you only want nero vision, express, and cover design, thats all you get.

Anyways, try nero vision. It will convert your format to the one that will work best, give you menu options, or create your own menus, can switch between PAL and NTSC, set the quality, progressive scan or interlaced, encodes and burns very fast, and its just awesome.

Thanks Jerrick yeah that’s what the computer place used and it seemed very easy to use. Any idea how much Nero software is these days? (Or I’ll just google it to get an idea) Thanks!:slight_smile:

I recommend getting Nero 7 if you go for the whole package. I havent used 9, but used 8 for a long time. 7 doesnt look as round and visually appealing compared to 8 (Only by 1 or 2 notches) but it seems to be a lot more stable to me.