Problem with the older torker Dx

okay so The screw keeps getting loose when I ride on the crank, does anyone else have this problem? And if so how do you fix it, suc I keep having to tighten it and it gets annoying…any advice would help
Thanks, TOM


Just ask for some of that stuff at a hardware store or Auto Parts store. They’ll know what youre talking about. There are generic brands too that work the same but go by different names. Anything is fine… to my knowledge.

JUST GET THE FLAVOR THAT CAN BE REMOVED AGAIN. Some are permanent and never come off. So be warned.

So get yourself a bottle or a tube of that stuff. You really dont need much.

Clean off the bolts that hold the cranks on. Remove and dirt/crud. Apply a drop or two loctite to each of the bolts. Tighten them up. Thats about it. Hopefully those bad boys should stay tight longer.